“High” aspirations: 5 cannabis jobs you never knew existed


According to Business Insider, the cannabis jobs market grew by over 77,000 positions in 2021, with an estimated 321,000 Americans currently working in the legal cannabis industry. This “budding” market (pun intended) is one of the fastest-growing in America today, expected to bring in $43 billion in sales by 2025.

If you’re familiar with cannabis jobs, you probably already know about opportunities like trimming and dispensary staff. But this growing job market has far more to offer than you might imagine. For instance, did you know you could make a career out of cannabis chemistry studies, or that you could be a cannabis attorney?

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If you aren’t aware of these opportunities, you might be missing out. Here are some quirky jobs in the cannabis industry that you probably didn’t know existed.

Edibles Chef

When it comes to cannabis industry jobs, you might not immediately think of the culinary world. But, the edibles industry is booming – and somebody has to bake up all those sweet treats.

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Edibles chefs work in a variety of capacities, from coming up with designer marijuana-infused drinks to whipping up cookies, crackers, cakes, and gummies.

These could be marketed to cannabis brands around the country, or could be used to create your own business.

Cannabis Cultivator

These employment opportunities go well beyond the typical cannabis trimmer jobs, since the industry has become much more technical over the years.

Of course, traditional cannabis grower jobs will always be necessary. But there is increasing demand for college-educated cannabis chemists and agricultural experts to meet expectations for more potent strains and higher-yielding harvests.

You can get a certificate in cannabis agriculture to gain credibility and stand out in this already crowded market.

Social Media/Blog Manager for Cannabis Brands

Cannabis writers, marketers, and social media gurus are all in high demand. As the market grows, brands will have to work harder to get noticed, so the canna-biz has started investing in social media experts.

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Media jobs can span from managing a Facebook page to writing product packaging, copywriting, and even maintaining a blog or website.

It also helps to know about the rules and regulations surrounding cannabis on popular social media platforms, since these rules can be confusing and brands will want to know they can trust you.

Cannabis Lawyer

As cannabis becomes legal in more US states, brands and dispensaries increasingly need expert legal representation. Marijuana law also covers taxation, insurance, and personal as well as criminal defense.

It’s also important to note that legalizing cannabis is, as of now, a state decision opposing federal law. This creates large legal gray areas for individuals, healthcare providers, and businesses alike, and a strong need for skilled attorneys with expertise in marijuana.

Lab Technician

From positions handling the highest-grade extracts on the market to checking for pesticides and heavy metals and analyzing strains before sale, laboratory workers are flocking to the cannabis industry.

Lab technicians are needed in both the THC and CBD industries, making this one of the most versatile areas for employment on our list. And, as the US edges closer to nationwide legalization, the demand for skilled lab techs is guaranteed to grow.

Whether you’re overworked, underpaid, or just ready for a change, reading this article could be your first step. With all the exciting cannabis jobs currently available and an ever-expanding job market, you’re perfectly positioned to transition.

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