Don’t be an Instagram target: Social media tips every cannabis business should know


Instagram has recently been targeting cannabis-related accounts for unclear reasons. It’s severely hurting many brands and influencers in the cannabis world since the app has over a billion monthly active users. Now more than ever, a fireproof social media marketing strategy is integral to the success of any cannabis business.

Following the community guidelines provided by the platform will protect your presence on it, but the seemingly endless list of rules you’ll find there can be daunting. So, we broke down the most important things to remember when using social media for your cannabiz.

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Here are five tips to help keep your cannabis business’ profile safe, and hopefully well-trafficked too.

1. Focus on Organic Reach

Cannabis is gaining more public acceptance lately in many states throughout the U.S., but social media platforms remain relatively conservative on the subject since they serve audiences around the globe. It is difficult to know what you can and cannot post to avoid a ban. For this reason, consider skipping the ads and focusing on your organic reach instead.

2. Know Your Platform

Every social media platform has different guidelines. Twitter is more welcoming to the cannabis industry, to the point they allow advertising in legal markets, such as Canada.

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On the other hand, Facebook and Instagram have strict rules against marijuana. These platforms use AI to distinguish posts and pictures with cannabis in them. To avoid getting banned or shadowbanned, read up on the community guidelines to learn about your limits.

3. Connect With Your Audience

Focus on connecting with your audience rather than selling. After all, advertising your sales can get you banned on your chosen platform.

Never post anything with the intent to sell cannabis. Direct your customers to your website or email instead. Delete sales-related comments to cover your bases.

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The right way to use social media is to build a strong community. Deliver excellent customer service and keep your audience updated with the latest news and updates.

4. Be Careful with Your Hashtags

Most social media tips tell you to use hashtags related to your product and industry. However, this concept does not apply to cannabis businesses.

Avoid using risky hashtags, such as #weed or #marijuana. Instagram flags and deletes these posts quickly. Worse, your account can get a ban.

If you only got a shadowban, try removing all hashtags from your previous post. Lay low and stop posting for a few days. If all else fails, contact customer support.

5. Plan Your Content

Be careful when posting content. As mentioned above, pictures containing marijuana are a no-go. Photos depicting the consumption of weed are off-limits too.

What can you post? Share the latest news and updates about your industry. These stories can be from your website or other news sources.

Educational content is vital, such as articles on the benefits of medical marijuana. Look for a way to make it engaging and insert your voice to build your community. Never post prices or anything related to the sales of cannabis.


Cannabis digital marketing is more difficult lately because of intensified social media restrictions. With our social media tips, you can avoid bans while building a community.

Apps follow federal law, meaning they do not care whether you sell in a state where cannabis is legal. Check out our guide to learn about these legal locations today.

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