Looking for a laugh? These weed-friendly comedians have you covered

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There’s nothing better than a good chuckle—especially when you’re high. It’s well-known that cannabis can give you the giggles; in fact, science has proven this is the case, pointing to the plant’s ability to lower inhibitions.

With consumers primed for laughter, it makes sense that comedy is a popular form of entertainment for the cannabis community. In fact, a good number of comedians smoke themselves. If you want content created by someone who understands the assignment, we recommend checking out any of the entertainers on this list.

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Ilana Glazer

As 50 percent of the dynamic duo behind the hit show Broad City, Ilana Glazer has become something of a stoner icon. Glazer and counterpart Abbi Jacobson were ahead of their time, talking about hiding weed in “nature’s pocket” on the very first episode of their critically-acclaimed Comedy Central series in 2014. Not long after, the pair shared about their cannabis-buying escapades on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Glazer’s stand-up is an extension of her Broad City persona, somewhere at the intersection of feminism and cringe. Her comedy special The Planet is Burning touches on the absurdity of women’s razors, Diva cups, and the ways to succeed as a functioning stoner adult.

Bowen Yang

Bowen Yang is one Emmy Award-winning star that’s not afraid to show his stoner stripes. Both Yang and his Las Culturistas co-host Matt Rogers are cannabis devotees. The pair trade pot stories frequently on their popular podcast, recently getting in the weeds with Bravo personality Andy Cohen about edibles. In an interview with Buds Digest, Yang shouted out his favorite cannabis brands and shared that his favorite high activities include watching classic movies with friends.

Yang’s stand-up is part pop culture, part self-deprecation. In a set on HBO’s 2 Dope Queens, the comedian called himself a BTS reject and compared himself to a cocktail at a high-end Chinese restaurant.

Eric Andre

Subversive doesn’t even begin to describe Eric Andre’s brand of offbeat comedy. From absurd pranks where he chugs ranch to hyperactive rampages destroying his own set, Andre is the king of “wtf.” As host of his self-titled Adult Swim talk show, the comedian and actor has seen more than one celebrity guest walk off the set due to his outrageous antics (such as pretending to vomit on his desk). 

Andre’s stand-up bits play to his counter-culture persona. In his Netflix special Legalize Everything, the comedian shares about the highest he’s ever been, takes shots at the war on drugs, and dissects the weirdest souvenir tchotchke he’s ever seen—all while screaming and sweating profusely.

Sarah Silverman

All hail Hollywood’s weed queen. Sarah Silverman has been a vocal proponent of pot for years. Whether it was using marijuana to unlock a corporate conspiracy theory on The Sarah Silverman Program back in 2008 or trying high-end vegan weed with rapper 2 Chainz on Most Expensivest earlier this year, Silverman is nothing but consistent when it comes to cannabis.

Silverman has plenty of stoner-friendly moments in her stand-up routines, especially if awkward, borderline-offensive humor is your brand. In Sarah Silverman: Speck of Dust, she recalls the struggles of being a chronic bedwetter at sleepaway camp and the incredibly tasteless joke her dad taught her to silence the bullies.

Doug Benson

Doug Benson without weed would be like a restaurant with no kitchen—it just doesn’t make sense. Pretty much all of Benson’s material centers around cannabis. From his parody play The Marijuanalogues to his hit podcast Getting Doug with High, the comedian understands his niche.

Most of Benson’s stand-up revolves around pot as well. One special, dubbed Doug Dynasty includes a story about getting caught smoking weed in his hotel room (“It was not rad” Benson quipped) and sarcastic socializing attempts while stoned at parties.

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Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts is a hybrid comedian-musician whose unique blend of improv beatboxing and out-there humor make him the perfect weed-friendly entertainer. Watts’ stand-up sets are all over the place: one minute, he’s waxing poetic on philosophical aspects of life, and the next, he’s singing an irreverent tune complete with drum machine and scatting.

The former bandleader and announcer on The Late Late Show with James Corden is an open proponent of psychedelics. He was featured in the Netflix documentary Have a Good Trip and recently performed at a benefit concert for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

Ngaio Bealum

Ngaio Bealum is a frequent performer at events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup and Hempfest and played host to Cooking on High, an infused cooking competition show on Netflix. Bealum has also made several appearances on Getting Doug with High, smoking and talking shop with his pal Doug Benson.

Bealum often opens his sets by telling the audience a bong rip inspired his name. His weed-centric material continues with conversations around parenting on pot, silly strain names, and smoking with old hippies. For super relatable cannabis content, make sure to check out Bealum’s stand-up album Weedier & Sexier.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is well on his way to being synonymous with weed, just like the actor’s pal Snoop Dogg who alleged that Davidson “can’t hang” when the two smoke. America’s stoner sweetheart has perpetually glassy eyes, outfits that only an upper-level drug dealer would rock, and plenty of bits about cannabis consumption.

In one Comedy Central special, Davidson discusses getting so high that movie credits are entertaining, what it’s like to take a t-break, and why Jaws is so cool when you’re lit. He’s currently working on a stoner comedy called Wizards!, which should be released sometime in 2024.  The comedian and Saturday Night Live alum has said that he uses cannabis therapeutically to help relieve his borderline personality disorder and Crohn’s disease.

Amy Poehler

While more unassuming than most of the comedians on this list, Amy Poehler is no stranger to green. The actress opened up about her cannabis consumption in her 2014 memoir Yes Please, adding that while she was a big fan in her younger days that she’s cut back considerably after becoming a parent. The Parks and Recreation star previously revealed to Conan O’Brien that she once judged the legendary High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Poehler doesn’t do stand-up anymore, but if you want to go down a truly fantastic rabbit hole, check her out on Upright Citizens Brigade. The strange sketch comedy show (presented by the improv group of the same name) ran on Comedy Central from 1998-2000, way before Poehler became a star on SNL. Her performance as a sugar-addled scout should have earned her an Emmy.

Drew Carey

Most people would not associate Drew Carey with cannabis since the comedian and host of The Price is Right plays it pretty straight on TV. However, Carey is for sure a stoner wolf in sheep’s clothing. He appeared in a pro-medical marijuana video in 2007, declaring, “It smells like freedom” upon entering a California dispensary. The comedian is also known for driving a custom psychedelic Mini Cooper around Los Angeles.

Although he got his start in stand-up, Carey rarely returns to the stage. But when he does, he makes it count. In a 2019 appearance on Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, the star recalled an epic adventure at the mega-rave festival Electric Daisy Carnival where a very good friend ended up having a very bad trip. It’s a wild story and definitely worth a watch.

Comedy and cannabis are a perfect pairing. Next time you’re high, consider checking out material from the performers on this list—your dopamine levels will thank you.


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