Trippy flowers, elephant mode: Super Mario Wonder is a stoner-friendly sensation

super mario wonder is the latest mario

The Super Mario franchise has long been beloved by cannabis consumers since the heroic plumbers’ first mushroom-fueled journey nearly 40 years ago. But the latest iteration of the famed series, Super Mario Wonder, could easily be the most stoner-friendly yet.

The side-scrolling platformer is extra psychedelic. The game gets its moniker from a trippy effect that comes into play whenever you touch a Wonder Flower. 

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Come into contact with one of these psychoactive shrubs, and the world becomes topsy-turvy—green pipes come to life, mysterious creatures appear, and you may even be transformed into a giant rolling spike ball. It’s a full-on trip straight out of your highest dreams.

That’s not the only feature of Super Mario Wonder that’ll leave you mind-blown. There are also new power-ups to try out. Mario can blow bubbles he can jump on, put on a drill helmet to evade Spiny Koopas, and even turn into an elephant. The latter has the internet in a tizzy, but Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto initially didn’t love the pachyderm form.

“He gave us the sharp comment that ‘This doesn’t look like a Mario character,’” said game director Shiro Mouri in an interview with IGN.

Despite the initial skepticism, the video game guru eventually gave his blessing, much to the joy of fans.

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If you like to mix up your Mario experience, the latest iteration has you covered: you can play as Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, and a slew of other characters. You can also collect badges that provide additional abilities when worn, like super jump. Local multiplayer and online play round out the fun.

Looking at early reviews of Super Mario Wonder, the overall aesthetic is vibrant, dreamlike, and mildly subversive. While the franchise has always been known for its mind-expanding worlds and mushroom-tinged art, this game takes the vibe to a whole new level.

With so much hype around the release of Super Mario Wonder, it’s safe to say that stoners around the globe will likely be enjoying their new game with a side of herb all weekend long.

Rachelle Gordon

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