Jungmaven SS24 collection challenges what you believe about hemp clothes

Jungmaven Gemini Collection

Sexy and sustainable are rarely used in the same sentence, but Jungmaven wants to change that. Hemp textiles are more durable than traditional fabrics like cotton, but have long lacked the style and grace of other designs. Unfortunately, for years, hemp fabrics were also itchy and thick. Thankfully, these fashions have come a long way, thanks, in part, to Jungmaven owner and founder Rob Jungmann.

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Jungmaven Gemini Collection
Photo by @rajailiya-5378

The textile innovator has been developing wearable hemp products since the 90s, and the newly released Spring/Summer 2024 Gemini Collection flourishes the oeuvre. Recently, Jungmann broke down the vision for GreenState.

“The Jungmaven SS24 Gemini Collection blends rugged hemp textures with vibrant fluorescent 80’s fashion in a way that exceeded our expectations. It’s a significant evolution that we believe harmonizes seamlessly for the first time,” Jungmann shared.

The 2024 Gemini Collection by Jungmaven

Earthen vibes aren’t the first thing someone pictures when thinking back to the neon, patterned 1980s, but certain pieces cement the vision together. The latest activewear has touchpoints like the bright green Limelight and Dark Matcha colorways that scream vibrant forest fairy. The durable Falcon Vest and Tamarack Jacket call back to the 80s trend of pairing military clothes and gear with bright, unbound fashion moments.

The limited-run prints also stand out. Many are printed on the Jung Tee, made from a specialty combination of hemp and cotton. Designs feature floating clouds and repetitive peace signs, among others. Grab matching one-of-a-kind sets or go all-in with the Pacific Jung Tee stamped with “Pacific” lettering and mineral washed for that softened 80s tee feel and look.

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Jungmaven Gemini Collection
Photo by @rajailiya-5378

The Gemini line has threads that marry 80s prep, like the Pacific tee, with psychedelia– no easy feat. Jungmann stays open to inspiration at any moment to create hemp fashions that both align with the vision and push the envelope.

“I find inspiration in the everyday moments of life,” Jungmann explained. “Whether it’s a Gustav Klimt Danae inspiring our Wild Eyes print or snapping a photo of someone’s outfit at the dog park to design the Alma Short Overalls coming out this summer– inspiration often strikes unexpectedly. It’s about being prepared to write it down whenever it comes.”

Bringing it all together

Though new textile blends, prints, and cuts make their way into the Jungmaven collection, the pieces are bound to a common theme. Earthy tones, utilitarian touchpoints like ample pocket space, hearty hardware, and psychedelic prep weave the Gemini line together.

This cohesion is the sign of a vision. If you ask Jungmann, this is only possible by not staying pinned to any one idea of the brand.

“When I launched Jungmaven, it was with a simple goal: to offer hemp tee shirts as a canvas for self-expression, moving away from conventional cotton. So why should we deprive ourselves of the joy of our own creativity?”

Each piece in the Jungmaven SS24 Gemini Collection showcases this sentiment. The luxury line pushes the boundaries of fashion neutrals and changes how the world sees hemp clothing. Shop the newest creations on the Jungmaven website or boutiques that carry the brand. As for hemp fashion, as the textile evolves the sustainable textile likely be showcased on more runways to come.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.