Latest marijuana recall is Michigan’s largest since legalization


Michigan is seeing its largest marijuana recall since the recreational industry entered the state two years ago.

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a recall for products that had been tested by laboratories Viridis North, LLC and Viridis Laboratories, LLC. The tests are identified to have inaccurate or unreliable test results. The marijuana products impacted have a test date between Aug. 10, 2021 and Nov. 16, 2021.

The products affected by the recall are all products from Viridis Laboratories, LLC and Viridis North, LLC except for inhalable marijuana concentrate products. These exempt products include vape carts, live resin, distillate and other concentrates that are created through residual solvent extractions.

Anyone who has products affected by this recall can return them to where they were purchased for proper disposal. Any marijuana sales establishments that carry these products are required to display the recall notice in visible locations on their sales floors.

Consumption of the affected products could lead to health issues including aspergillosis. Anyone who experiences negative effects from these products should report to their physician as well as the MRA at 517-284-8599.

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Chris Carr