7 of the coolest weed brands at The Flower Expo

flower expo Massachusetts

The Massachusetts cannabis market is popping, hitting over $6 billion in sales since coming online in 2018. For retailers and press looking for the next big thing, The Flower Expo is the place to be. The two-day event, recently held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, sees dozens of brands activating. Dispensary buyers and journalists can peruse the vibrant booths, consume openly, and connect with the local community.

While Massachusetts does not yet have an event license framework, attendees could bring a personal amount of cannabis to the event, and consumption was permitted. GreenState was able to check out a few jars, hit a couple of joints, and get the inside scoop on what’s hot in The Bay State.

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Getting the lowdown

After perusing some of the super cool outdoor activations from Garcia Hand Picked and Nature’s Heritage, it was apparent an insider’s perspective would be needed to find more of the best weed at The Flower Expo. After all, most brands did not have live product on display.

After connecting with the team from Massachusetts-based vertical operators United Cultivation, a number of suggestions were made. This, combined with some good old-fashioned networking in the expo halls, made the road to dank city much easier to navigate. So, who had the heat at The Flower Expo? Here are our top-shelf picks.

garcias handpicked at the flower expo Massachusetts
A brand rep flashes a peace sign from the Garcia’s Hand Picked bus at The Flower Expo. Photo: The Flower Expo

Advanced Cultivators 

One of the first recommendations made by the United Cultivation team was Advanced Cultivators. Tucked in a corner of the outdoor pavilion, marketing lead Hector Garcia and his team were screen printing tees and puffing on some headstash. The Pink Zkittlez joint offered a sweet, candy smoke, an even burn, and ultra-potent effects. The guys at the booth were also super friendly, earning them major bonus points.

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Inside Hall B, Bill Levers from Beard Bros Pharms said Nimbus were holders of the legendary East Coast strain Piff. And while they didn’t have any of this iconic variety on hand, there was a selection of their unique pre-roll packages. The packs had a wrapper over a plastic joint container filled with the brand’s “Darts.” These resinous, uniformly rolled, and exceptionally loud Js were some of the most interesting of the week.

Ideal Craft Cannabis

Another recommendation from Beard Bros? Social equity operator Ideal Craft Cannabis. At precisely 4:20 on Day one of the event, a joint of the brand’s Apple Fritter emerged. The tart, doughy flavor was everything the hybrid strain should be, and the chill buzz got everyone in the mood for the impending Flower Expo after-party.

Chill Medicated

If you’ve never been to Western Massachusetts in June, it’s HOT. Day one of The Flower Expo saw temperatures hit nearly 90 degrees and extreme humidity. But the Chill Medicated booth was an oasis, serving up non-infused slushies to the dehydrated masses. The live rosin syrup on display was definitely intriguing, one of the only products of its type at the show.

flower expo Massachusetts
Hall A of The Flower Expo Massachusetts. Photo: The Flower Expo


Wandering around Hall A of The Flower Expo, the Impressed booth was definitely a popular stop. It may have been a large amount of swag (including free tank tops, likely a big draw in the heat) or the adjacent smoking tent—but it turns out the Impressed bud was fire, too. A peek inside a jar revealed a treasure trove of trichomes and an eye-watering aroma. GreenState definitely hopes to try some Impressed ASAP.

Nova Farms

Nova Farms has been on the GreenState radar for a minute, and it was a joy to chat with the team at The Flower Expo. While the operator, whose brands include Sticky Fish, Southie Adams, Hashables, and more, was not giving out samples, a couple of puffs outside the show from a hash rosin cart was more than we needed to confirm the company’s excellence.

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Aroma Culinary

One of the more unique brands at The Flower Expo was Aroma Culinary, a line of infused sauces and seasonings. GreenState first connected with founder Chef Leighton Murdock at OutsideLands last year and it was a joy to see the social equity operator set up in Mass. Aroma Culinary has been making moves from coast-to-coast, offering both THC and CBD varieties. We certainly hope he’s serving up some tasty treats in GrassLands this year.

Overall, The Flower Expo had tons of interesting East Coast brands represented, and while we wish we had more time to check out the products at dispensaries, a quick visit had to suffice. Fortunately, the Michigan version of the show is coming up on August 7 and 8, promising even more great bud and on-site sampling for the excited masses. With Michigan recently surpassing California as the leading seller of legal cannabis in the country, Flower Expo MI is sure to be a can’t-miss affair.


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