Can you mix CBD oil with a drink?

Can You Mix CBD Oil with a Drink?

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(PAID AD) It’s well-known that CBD or cannabidiol has a variety of potential benefits, both physical and mental. However, many people may be apprehensive about consuming CBD, particularly in flower or concentrate form.

Many people looking to reap the potential health benefits of this cannabinoid probably don’t want to inhale any smoke or vapor because it’s not very good for the lungs. Therefore, one of the next best options is to consume CBD oil.

That said, CBD oils don’t always taste the best, which is why many people choose to mix them in with their drinks. The issue is that CBD oil has some problems when you try to do so, such as solubility. CBD oil doesn’t really dissolve or mix into a drink but rather sits on top of it, and that’s a problem for many.

For this reason, many people may choose to go with a CBD isolate, or CBD isolate drink mix, something we will touch on in greater detail further below. Let’s figure out whether or not you can actually mix CBD oil with a drink and why a CBD isolate drink might be the better option. 


Key Takeaways

  • While it’s possible to mix CBD oil with a drink, it doesn’t always work that well.
  • CBD isolate drink mix is the far better option when compared to CBD oil for a variety of reasons, which you’ll discover below.
  • CBD isolate drink mixes also have a variety of potential benefits, both physically and mentally, which you’ll also find out about further below.

Can You Add CBD Oil to Hot or Cold Drinks?

Yes, technically speaking, it is possible to add CBD oil to both hot and cold drinks. Many people add CBD oils to their hot coffees or teas, both in the morning and at night.

There are also many people who mix in their CBD oils with their smoothies, juices, and even sodas. It’s always a good idea to stir very thoroughly in an attempt to mix in as much of the CBD oil into the rest of the drink as possible, although you’ll always have trouble doing this.

A tip when preparing any drink with CBD oil is to avoid boiling temperatures, so don’t put the CBD oil into your coffee until it’s done brewing. Those boiling temperatures can break down the CBD.

You also don’t want to add CBD into drinks that are totally frozen because it may cause the oil to thicken, which results in it not mixing properly. As you can tell, there appear to be a whole lot of issues with making CBD oil into both hot and cold drinks, but there is a better option.

Why Consider CBD Isolate for Drinks?

The better option for mixing in with your drinks rather than CBD oil is CBD isolate, and there is one good reason for this. CBD isolate is a far better option because it is water soluble. Once again, CBD oil is not water-soluble because oil is hydrophobic.

Oil and water do not mix. Therefore, no matter how hard you mix or blend your drink, it will never really mix in. You’ll always have some CBD oil bubbles floating around in the drink, particularly on top.

CBD isolate, on the other hand, is water-soluble. This means that when you add it to a drink and mix it around, it effectively dissolves into the drink and forms one homogeneous mixture without any nasty oil bubbles on top. It’s just the far better solution.

Will CBD Oil Affect the Taste of Your Drink?

CBD Drink Mix

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What you also need to consider is that CBD oil just doesn’t taste all that good. No matter how well these products are processed, CBD oil will usually always have a bit of a hemp taste. Some products have more of a hemp taste than others, but they all have quite a distinct flavor.

Although some people don’t mind the taste, there are many people who do not enjoy the flavor of hemp. Furthermore, having an oil taste on your tongue just doesn’t feel that great.

Remember that oil is hydrophobic, so even if you drink water or soda afterward, getting the oil to wash away can be a challenge. You might have a really tasty coffee or a smoothie, but might just effectively ruin the flavor by adding pungent CBD oil into them.

Why a CBD Isolate Mix Might Be a Better Option

As you could probably guess, CBD isolate is the better option on this front as well. CBD isolate powder and CBD isolate drink mixes really don’t have any kind of flavor.

These products are so highly refined that not all of the terpenes and flavonoids have been removed, thus leaving behind just the CBD and nothing else.

It has absolutely no flavor and will not alter the taste of your drinks. If you want to preserve the original integrity of your beverage, CBD isolate mix is the way to go. 

What Does CBD Isolate Do to You?

Although we will touch on the various potential benefits of CBD isolate and its effects further below, the most important takeaway here is that it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is specifically designed to process and absorb various cannabinoids, thus producing various effects.

One interesting note is that CBD has little binding affinity with your CB1 receptors, which are the cannabinoid receptors located mainly in your brain. These are mainly thought to be responsible for the high that you feel when you take THC. However, because CBD doesn’t really bind with these receptors, it is not known to be intoxicating or psychoactive for most people.

CBD may have a stronger affinity to bind with CB2 receptors, which are located mainly in your immune system and other areas of the body. This is where a lot of the potential benefits come into play, particularly to do with inflammation, pain, and more. CBD also has the ability to interact with your GABA receptors, serotonin receptors, and more, which therefore leads to its potential mood regulation capabilities.

Can You Drink CBD Isolate

Yes, you can drink CBD isolate. In fact, CBD isolate is fairly easily absorbed by the human body, particularly when ingested.

CBD isolate allows for one of the highest absorption rates of any such CBD product, therefore giving you the biggest bang for your buck.

CBD isolate is also very concentrated, which also means that it’s fairly potent, therefore providing you with the biggest potential benefits when compared to other CBD products that may be much less potent.

Even better is the fact that a good CBD isolate drink mix, such as a NuLeaf CBD drink mix, also tastes pretty good.


CBD Drink Mix

Photo Courtesy of NuLeaf Naturals


Is CBD Isolate Strong?

Yes, CBD isolate is quite strong, particularly when compared to other forms of CBD. The whole point of CBD isolate is that it is so refined that it does not really contain any other terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, or any compounds whatsoever.

CBD isolate should be at least 99% pure CBD, therefore making it very strong, although remember that it’s not really intoxicating or psychoactive for most people. However, every person is different and some may feel minor effects.

How Does a CBD Drink Make You Feel?

Many people wonder whether or not CBD drinks will make them feel high. The simple answer here is that no, a CBD drink that is actually just pure CBD, such as an amazing CBD Isolate Drink Mix from NuLeaf, will not get most people high.

CBD is not an overt psychoactive or intoxicating substance, and it doesn’t really interact with your CB1 receptors in this way. Therefore, CBD does not produce any sort of psychoactive effects for the majority of consumers, not like THC and other such cannabinoids.

However, just because CBD isn’t psychoactive for most and doesn’t produce a notable high doesn’t mean that it can’t change the way you feel. CBD has the potential to increase serotonin and dopamine production while also decreasing cortisol production, which may have a positive effect on stress, depression, and anxiety.

CBD may be able to make you feel a little happier and calmer. Thanks to the various properties of CBD, it also has the potential to help relieve pain and inflammation, therefore making you feel more physically comfortable.

The bottom line is that it may make you feel better. This all has to do with the main benefits of using CBD, which we will discuss further below.

Why NuLeaf is the Best Name for CBD Drink Mixes

NuLeaf should be your number-one source for CBD drink mixes and other such products. There are a few reasons for this, including that this brand name has an outstanding reputation in the hemp and cannabis community. They’re well known for their ethical practices and their respectful way of doing business that supports the communities around them.

Furthermore, NuLeaf is also so well respected because all of its products are made with organically farmed hemp that is grown in the USA without any pesticides or herbicides.

It’s some of the purest hemp around, not to mention that trusted extraction methods are used that don’t involve any harmful compounds. These products are also third-party tested to ensure that they indeed fall within all legal limits as far as Delta-9 THC is concerned and to ensure that they are approved for human consumption.

Let’s not forget that NuLeaf also just has one of the biggest product selections around when it comes to CBD and other such products. Plus, they all come in at affordable prices too. This brand often has deals where if you subscribe to monthly orders, you’ll end up saving something like 20% of the overall cost. Let’s take a quick look at one of the most popular products from this brand, their CBD drink mix.

NuLeaf CBD Drink Mix

The NuLeaf CBD Drink Mix is by far one of the best CBD drink mixes around. It’s potent, it tastes nice, and it comes in at a reasonable price. Let’s take a closer look at what you’re in for here.


The Citrus Twist taste of this CBD drink mix is rather enjoyable. If you like drinks like lemonade, then you’ll probably really enjoy the flavor here. It’s nothing overly potent, and it’s not too sweet either because it is totally sugar-free. It doesn’t have any artificial flavors or colors either aside from Stevia, so while it tastes great, it’s not going to be nearly as sweet or overpowering as some store-bought concentrated juices.


The delivery method with a CBD drink mix like this is easy enough, just rip open the package, pour the powder into your favorite drink, such as water, which we personally recommend, and give it a good mix. Remember that this CBD drink mix is totally water soluble, so you shouldn’t have to stir very hard to get it completely incorporated into any beverage. Drinking it is easy enough as well, and you should notice the effects within about 30 to 90 minutes of consuming it.


We also like how this product is fairly potent because it comes with 10 CBD hydration drink mix packs, each of which contains 30 milligrams of CBD, for a total of 300 milligrams of CBD isolate in every package. 30 milligrams, while not a massive dose, is definitely more than enough to get the ball rolling.


The effect of this CBD drink mix is very multifaceted. It is THC-free, so it should not get you high or intoxicate you in any way, but remember that everyone is different. As you can see from everything else we’ve written here today, CBD has a variety of potential benefits, both for your mind and body. This includes but is not limited to potential pain relief, inflammation relief, mood regulation, acting as a sleep aid, and more.


What we are also a fan of here is the price, this product cost just $25, which is quite affordable. Furthermore, as mentioned above, NuLeaf often has deals, which applies here. If you subscribe to delivery of this CBD isolate drink mix every four weeks, each batch will only cost you $20, therefore providing you with a 20% discount with each purchase.


  •       Tastes great
  •       No sugar added
  •       High-quality CBD isolate
  •       Easy to mix and drink
  •       10 servings for a decent price


  •       Some people may not live Stevia (an artificial sweetener)

Benefits of Adding CBD To Your Drinks

There are quite a few potential benefits of adding CBD into your favorite beverages, so let’s take a quick look at what these might be.

Possible Pain and Inflammation Relief

One of the biggest potential benefits of CBD is inflammation relief. According to this study, CBD may have the ability to reduce inflammation by reducing levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, inducing T cell apoptosis, reducing the migration and adhesion of immune cells, and inhibiting T cell proliferation.

Here’s a study that indicates that CBD is a possible way to relieve inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, as it may help control both inflammation and pain.

CBD on its own may also have analgesic or pain-killing properties, which means that it may be able to help relieve minor pains regardless of inflammation.

Potential to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Due to the way in which CBD might interact with various chemicals and neurotransmitters in your body and brain, it may have the ability to decrease levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

It is believed that CBD interacts with your serotonin receptors, effectively increasing levels of serotonin in your brain. This, in turn, has the potential to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety and depression because serotonin is known for making you feel calmer and better in general. There is a reason why serotonin is known as the natural feel-good chemical.

It is also believed that CBD may be able to help increase levels of dopamine, which is a natural reward chemical. Dopamine produces feelings of elation, euphoria, and general happiness. On this front, CBD may therefore be able to help relieve symptoms associated with depression.

Finally, CBD may also inhibit the production of cortisol. When the human body is stressed out, it produces cortisol, which serves to keep you in a heightened state of alert, which is a natural survival mechanism. However, this also serves to keep you in a very stressed-out state. Studies show that CBD has the potential to reduce cortisol production, therefore also reducing stress levels.

Promoting Good Sleep

Recent studies also indicate that CBD has the ability to decrease the re-uptake of adenosine in the brain. Among other things, adenosine appears to be responsible for regulating sleep and for promoting the feeling or need to sleep. Therefore, if CBD increases the amount of adenosine in the brain, it should therefore also contribute to you getting a better night’s sleep.

Reducing Nausea and Vomiting

Evidence also suggests that CBD has the ability to act as an antiemetic agent, which means that it should help to reduce vomiting and nausea caused by a variety of issues.

Water-Soluble CBD vs. CBD Oil

If the choice is between a regular CBD oil and a water-soluble CBD option, such as the NuLeaf CBD Drink Mix, there’s really no competition between the two. CBD oil can be messy, greasy, it doesn’t taste nice, and it doesn’t mix in with your drinks all that well.

Sure, CBD oil is perfectly fine if you’re just looking to reap the benefits of CBD and don’t care much about the flavor or consistency.

However, if you’re looking for a CBD option that effectively mixes in with your drinks, doesn’t taste bad, and provides you with all of the possible benefits that CBD has to offer, then a water-soluble CBD drink mix is absolutely the better way to go, and is a low risk way of taking too much CBD.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an effective CBD product that tastes good, absorbs well into your body, is easy to administer, and doesn’t cost much, then the NuLeaf CBD Drink Mix is worth checking out. 

When it comes down to it, a water-soluble CBD mix is usually always the better option when compared to a CBD oil. That said, you really won’t know the difference until you try for yourself.

CBD Isolate Drinks: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s quickly answer some of your most pressing questions about CBD isolate drinks.

Does CBD Isolate Cause Anxiety?

No, CBD isolate should not cause anxiety and, in fact, should do the exact opposite.

Does CBD Isolate Give You Energy?

Theoretically speaking, CBD, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, may be able to help reduce swelling and pain in the body, which may lead to heightened energy levels. However, CBD in itself is not known as being a stimulant.

How Often Should I Take CBD Isolate?

If you want to reach the maximum potential benefits of CBD isolate, taking it on a daily basis is recommended.

How Much CBD Isolate Can You Take in a Day?

Although starting out with around 30 milligrams of CBD per day is more than enough, the human body can tolerate up to 1500 milligrams a day without a problem. However, every person is different so starting with a small dose is always recommended.

How Fast Does CBD Isolate Work?

CBD isolate should start working within about 30 minutes of consumption.

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