Bruce Banner strain: powerful pot with a gentle side

bruce banner strain

Potent, powerful, and pungent: the Bruce Banner strain is unlike many others. The variety is sativa dominant, tests with high THC, and is a descendant of OG Kush. There are many kinds of daytime strains, but there is a slight binary. Certain sativas, like Durban Poison, in my experience, can evoke a groovy effect that isn’t drowsy but is definitely altered. Other daytime strains, like Bruce Banner, can feel a bit like caffeine–a Mac truck of energy.

This OG cross is unique, offering an unrivaled aromatic profile and hyper-functional effects. Let’s learn more about Bruce Banner.

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Bruce Banner strain
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Bruce Banner strain history

Bruce Banner is a cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. It was created by Jason Holck, founder of Dark Horse Genetics, who named it after Marvel Universe darling the Hulk’s alter ego. This isn’t random, either. The name is based on the strain effects, which I have experienced as an intriguing partnership of powerful intensity and airy creativity. It is renowned for high THC levels, which can range anywhere from 16 to over 30 percent.

Here’s the Bruce Banner basics.

The look and smell

Bruce Banner cannabis flowers are often dense with a special scent that has a metallic finish. These nugs grow tightly wound, I always need a grinder when prepping bowls of this cannabis variety. Forests of dark green shining brightly with evenly distributed trichomes should be expected in the grow room.

In my experience, Bruce Banner smells like fresh grass cut with brand-new shears. There is a vegetal moment, but it is bound by a very specific finish that I can only describe as metal. This translates into the taste, which gives: “plate of veggies in a metal bowl.”

Much like the aesthetic, the effects of Bruce Banner are one-of-a-kind. We’re going to get into it.

Bruce Banner strain effects

This strain gets its name from the iconic effects it has, almost like a backward Hulk transformation. Expect an intense onslaught of effects immediately after hitting a Bruce Banner joint or pulling on a vape. The mind activates quickly, sometimes, I’ll have racing thoughts, and other times I’ll hyperfocus on the task at hand–depends on the day, really.

There is some body effect with Bruce Banner, unlike some sativa strains. That made it a good choice for me for daytime relief from chronic pain.

After the initial come-up, Bruce Banner settles into a gentler experience, highlighting an activated serenity for creativity, organizing, or socializing. Those who choose to pass this around a group in a social setting should warn them about the Hulk-a-smash beginning to guide the high. Otherwise, anxiety and paranoia could set in.

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Bruce Banner Strain FAQ

There are many cannabis varieties, with so much variation some people have queries about specific strains. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Bruce Banner.

Is Bruce Banner an indica or sativa?

Bruce Banner is considered a sativa-dominant cannabis strain, with two sativa-dominant parents and effects to match.

What is the THC level of a Bruce Banner strain?

Bruce Banner THC content is often reported as high. Most dispensaries and test results show THC levels in the area of 24-30 percent.

What is the terpene profile of Bruce Banner?

Many sources report caryophyllene as the most prominent terpene in Bruce Banner. Secondary terpenes include humulene, limonene, and linalool.

Does Bruce Banner strain have purple leaves?

Not all Bruce Banner has purpled out leaves, but some phenotypes have developed this trait, according to grower forums.

Bruce Banner strain final thoughts

Like many cannabis varieties from my rookie years in weed, Bruce Banner isn’t readily available in all markets. However, If I could find it, I would snatch it up. Ever since I got assigned this review, I can’t stop thinking about that iconic smell.

Aside from my personal feelings, Bruce Banner is a banger. It tests high, has an interesting terpene profile, and even more intriguing effects. When in doubt, roll up some Bruce Banner and keep the Hulk at bay.

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