The Green Rush Podcast: Nathan Bryson, PhD, of Reunion Neuroscience

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Welcome to the Green Rush, a KCSA Strategic Communications Production, a weekly conversation at the intersection of cannabis, psychedelics, the capital markets and culture. 

This week Lewis Goldberg and Anne Donohoe are back for a new episode with special guest Nathan Bryson, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Reunion Neuroscience. Nathan joins us this week to discuss how he made his way to Reunion, the company’s unique serotonergic psychedelic compound that’s situated between psilocybin and DMT and designed to treat postpartum depression, goals of the neuroscience company and what he finds most intriguing about the discovery, creation and pathway to bringing novel compounds to market.

If you are interested in learning more about Reunion or following the company’s research and development progress, visit the links in our show notes. Also, be sure to follow Nathan and Reunion on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

So sit back and enjoy our conversation with Nathan Bryson of Reunion Neuroscience. 

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