Fast Five Q&A: Chris Romaine, aka Kandid Kush

chris romaine aka kandid kush q&a

Art can be thought-provoking, offering a glimpse into the creator’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

Chris Romaine (also known as Kandid Kush) is a photographer who puts cannabis through a different lens. Romaine is renowned for his extraordinary take, including stellar macro shots capturing trichomes as they’ve never been seen before. A pioneer in the art of capturing the plant in its essence, Romaine aims to use his art to change the way people see cannabis—literally.

Romaine answered GreenState’s Fast Five questions, sharing his unlikely path to the plant, his advice for budding photographers, and the ways in which art can change the world.

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trichome shot by chris romaine aka kandid kush
20x trichome on Pixie Dust by Esensia

GreenState: How did your journey with cannabis begin?

Chris Romaine: I grew up in the era of D.A.R.E. —where weed was described as the gateway to much harder drugs. I had friends who blazed, though I never felt the urge to partake in my youth. I associated the effects of alcohol to being the same as weed. Booze was already strong enough. It was really just ignorance about the plant.

A few years after high school, an older friend of mine encouraged me to try with him. I didn’t get high the first time, but the second time worked like a charm. This was a feeling much different than being intoxicated. 

The effects brought on a cascade of feelings that were so intriguing. It sparked creativity, empathy, the munchies, made music resonate throughout my body, helped me sleep, helped me cope, and didn’t give a hangover – I knew this was something special.

GS: What is your favorite way to consume?

CR: For the past few years, I’ve been really into hash rosin with a Puffco. It’s so convenient and low-key. For ritual and experience, joints! I’ve always loved the process of breaking the flower up, observing it, taking in all of the smells and feels. Can’t beat the entourage effect.

GS: What are some of your favorite cannabis cultivars to shoot?

CR: I like unique and that’s ever-changing. Currently, I’m fascinated with the different colors (anthocyanin) that make their way up into the trichome glands. I’ve been working on international projects documenting landrace and other cultivars outside of the states. Capturing phenotypes with breeders has been really exciting as well. 

durban poison by chris romaine aka kandid kush
1:1 macro of Durban Poison by No Till Kings

GS: How can photography and art erode stigmas around cannabis?

CR: Art has always pushed the boundaries with perspective and expression. And perspective is everything. 

When you can show people who are unfamiliar, or afraid, or overly confident —that thing from a view in which has rarely been seen before, it opens up a whole new dialogue.

GS: Do you have any advice for budding cannabis photographers?

CR: Shoot it all…the day-to-day, not just weed.  Study light, composition, and color. It’s not all about the gear, more so how you use it. Know your worth, and stay true to your passion.

Chris Romaine—aka Kandid Kush—is a photographer dedicated to removing the stigmas around cannabis through his art. What started as product photography for dispensary menus has turned into a renowned career, including multiple accolades and gallery shows. Chris has worked with heavy hitters such as Sherbinskis and The Humboldt Seed Company. He has ongoing international projects and a permanent collection at THC NYC cannabis museum.

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