We ate Humphry Slocombe’s Trick or Treat CBD ice cream and it was kind of scary

These days CBD is so ubiquitous that Halloween baskets are some of the only places where you won’t find cannabinoid oil, but local ice cream makers Humphry Slocombe have given adult dessert lovers a special Halloween treat – a mildly sedative, limited edition CBD flavor that will turn your teeth a very scary color.

Available through the end of the month to customers aged 18 and up, the peppermint patty ice cream with chocolate chips and marshmallows features 10mg of CBD from Oakland-based infuser Vertosa. It’s available in a cone, or a sundae with hot fudge and candy corn.

So, is it any good?


And no.

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I biked down to the Humphrey Slocombe location in the Ferry Building and ordered two massive scoops in a waffle cone (due to a lifelong aversion to candy corn, and love of waffle cones). While braving the condescending stares of a couple sipping Blue Bottle, I took a requisite Insta-photo of the ice cream cone, carefully cropping out my unsightly fingernails. Black melty ice cream dribbled down my hand, and I took a bite.

My first sensation was a refreshing burst of creamy peppermint. Then I felt like I’d bit into a razorblade hiding in a fun-sized Kit Kat.

I couldn’t quite tell if they were thick chocolate chips or peppermint chunks, but whatever studded the scoops gave a jarring hard contrast to the soft texture of the ice cream. The squishy marshmallows were the opposite, an uncanny blob amidst otherwise excellent ice cream. I wasn’t happy with the textures, but that didn’t stop me from eating what felt like a half pound of dessert.

Say what you will about the CBD trend, but as I stood up to walk to my bike, I realized this was no ordinary ice cream. Sure, any afternoon cone will brighten your day, but I must admit that the shot of CBD made the sunlight feel just a bit warmer and my head a little lighter.

Also, it turned my teeth significantly grayer and left my incisors tingling for hours afterwards.

So for those looking for a sweet and sedative dessert, Humphry Slocombe’s Trick or Treat flavor delivers. But if you’ve got sensitive teeth and don’t have a toothbrush handy, maybe just add a few drops of CBD oil to your Secret Breakfast.

Dan Gentile is a digital editor at SFGate. Email: Dan.Gentile@sfgate.com | Twitter: @Dannosphere

Dan Gentile, SFGATE