Recreational marijuana sales to resume in Mass., details hazy

While specific plans for reopening Massachusetts’ dispensaries for recreational marijuana remain a bit hazy, one thing is clear: It will be curbside delivery outside the businesses.

And, the sale of recreational weed – beginning on Memorial Day – will also be allowed for out-of-staters.

Massachusetts is the only state in the Northeast that has recreational marijuana dispensaries.

In March, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker stopped recreational weed shops sales.

While medical marijuana sales were still allowed for Massachusetts residents, Baker didn’t want to draw more visitors from other states when people were encouraged to stay at home and not travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Boston Globe reports Baker still has concerns about out-of-state recreational customers, but requiring curbside pickup will add a degree of safety.

“If you’re gonna do curbside, it makes sense to do curbside for everybody,” he said. “The whole point behind curbside is it doesn’t require people to go inside and stand around, and there’s plenty of evidence at this point that inside spaces with a long period of time in which people are there, especially if they don’t have the ability to socially distance, is probably the biggest and most significant opportunity for spread.”

The day after the reopening order for recreational weed sales was given, Massachusetts dispensaries have not yet finalized plans on how they will handle pickets and orderly.

Some of the recreational marijuana dispensaries are about a half-hour’s drive from the Connecticut border.

“As of Monday, the state has cleared recreational cannabis dispensaries to re-open on Monday, May 25th,” Theory Wellness on Route 7 in Great Barrington posted on its website.

“Until then, we remain closed for recreational sales. There are still many details that are forthcoming regarding re-opening, so please keep checking our website for the latest details and guidelines that we all need to follow. We can’t wait to see you in our stores soon!’

Twenty-five minutes from the Connecticut border off of I-91, Insa in East Hampton and NETA in Northampton also provided no details on how the curbside sales will be handled.

“Insa will be reopening for adult-use cannabis sales on Monday, May 25, 2020, available via online ordering and curbside pickup only. For all the latest updates, please join our mailing list here.”

An adult age 21 or older, is able to cross the state line into Massachusetts to legally purchase recreational weed. But, Connecticut state police have warned of possible repercussions for bringing it back into Connecticut after purchasing it.

“Connecticut law has only decriminalized marijuana, not legalized it,” state police said . “Possessing a small amount of marijuana will result in a fine, while a larger amount will result in an arrest.”

Jim Shay