A ‘cannabus’ is coming to San Antonio to teach you about medical marijuana in Texas

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Texans looking to learn more about medical marijuana in the Lone Star State can get hyped about a “cannabus” rolling into town.

A mobile cannabis dispensary – a literal cannabis bus – will make a stop in San Antonio next month, giving locals an opportunity to get schooled on anything and everything relating to Texas’ medical marijuana program. Brought to you by goodblend Texas, a cannabis operator, the on-the-go dispensary will inform prospective patients who would benefit from a prescription.

From the 36-foot vehicle, potential users can make an appointment to consult with a physician and browse the dispensary selections. Qualified patients can even receive and fill a prescription at the event. An education installation will be located outside the bus and is available to peruse without an appointment.

The tour was inspired by last month’s implementation of Texas House Bill 1535, which expanded the use of medical marijauana to include individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder and cancer patients.

Millions more Texans are now eligible for the Texas Compassionate Use program with the updated qualifications, according to goodblend Texas.

“Most Texans simply do not know that medical cannabis exists as a treatment option,” says goodblend Texas president Marcus Ruark. “We aim to help bridge this gap.”

That’s where the tour comes in. After kicking off in Austin on October 14, the tour will stop in Fort Worth, Houston, and finally San Antonio on November 6.

You can learn more about booking a consultation here.

Sarah Martinez