Smoking Hemp and CBD: Is It Possible?

Did you know that hemp was removed from being considered a Schedule I controlled substance in 2018 after years of being considered an illegal drug? Are you wondering if smoking hemp and CBD is possible?

Keep reading to learn more about its benefits and the difference between smoking and vaping hemp.

What Are Hemp Buds?

Before we dive into smoking hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) we want to talk more about what exactly hemp buds are. Hemp buds are the flower that the hemp plant produces. Hemp is part of the Cannabis Sativa family that contains very little amounts of THC but large amounts of CBD.

There are many benefits associated with CBD but without having the mind-altering effects that THC produces.

Feel the Effects Faster

One of the smoking CBD flower benefits is that you can experience the effects much faster than when you consume a hemp edible or hemp oil. Smoking hemp allows the CBD to reach the bloodstream much faster.

Anything that we intake orally takes longer to go through the digestive tract before we feel the effects. Also, some of the potency is lost when something is taken orally. This is why hemp cigarettes and CBD pre-rolls are becoming more and more popular.

You Will Feel More Benefits

When you smoke hemp you get more than just isolated CBD. Smoking hemp buds you will get the benefits of CBD plus of all the secondary cannabinoids in the hemp plant along with the terpenes and flavonoids.

Although CBD isolate works well on its own it appears to be much better whenever it is combined with all of the other compounds that are found in the plant. When you are smoking the buds you get to experience all of the cannabis working synergistically to produce a potent effect.

Inhaling Properly

There is a right way to smoke hemp buds to get the most out of it. The best thing to do is inhale slow and deep. Fill your lungs up about two-thirds of the way full of smoke, so that you can take in more of the cannabinoids and use the hemp buds in the most efficient way.

In between inhales give yourself a few minutes to avoid overdoing it and to help you get the most out of your supply.

Fully Heating Your Hemp

Before you smoke your hemp you want to make sure that the product is fully heated. This will ensure that you experience all of the benefits of CBD and of the other cannabinoids. The heat will activate the CBD and it will make it easier for your body to absorb all of the cannabinoids efficiently.

High-Quality Hemp Buds

Smoking high-quality hemp buds will make a difference. You want to look for a hemp that is organically grown to help reduce the risk of pesticide exposure. Also, do your research on the farm where the hemp you are buying is grown.

Look for a farm that is located in the United States and not overseas to reduce the risk of toxin exposure and of pesticides. The more CBD the better the effects will be, make sure to look for products that have a high concentration of CBD.

Smoking Hemp in Public

Although it is legal to grow hemp and consume it, not every state is on board with consuming it for recreational purposes. There are some states that are trying to ban smoking hemp altogether.

Cops are not able to tell the difference between marijuana and hemp joints unless a comprehensive lab test is done, making their job a bit more difficult. Since there are strict quality controls with the amount of THC that is allowed to be in the hemp (under 0.3 percent) then a cop might give you a hard time and decide they have probable cause to investigate your stash.

For this reason, do it in the comfort of your abode without any worries.

Drug Tests

If you are wondering if you can pass a drug test if you smoke hemp, as long as you are using premium hemp leaves you should never have a problem passing a drug exam. Because hemp should not have over 0.3 percent of THC passing a drug test should never be a problem.

This is why doing your research with where you are buying your hemp bud from will make a difference. A reputable company will grow its hemp with the federal law guidelines to avoid getting in trouble and will sell you high quality and legal hemp as well.

Feeling Like a Smoking Hemp Pro?

Now that you know the ins and outs about smoking hemp and CBD you can make sure that you stay out of trouble if you decide to smoke for all the benefits that come with it. If you were worried about feeling “high” you no longer have to think about that. Smoking hemp will not give you the feeling of being high you will only get the benefits of the CBD.

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