CBD to treat COVID-19? Researchers studying latest treatment method

Researchers believe CBD could help prevent and treat COVID-19.

The study from the University of Louisville, published this month, looked through a national sample of medical records for patients using the treatment for epilepsy.

According to the study, the scientists further studied how the chemical interacted directly with human lung cells, finding that the CBD, or cannabidiol, appeared to not only prevent the worsening of symptoms but also blocked the virus from spreading.

CBD is the second most prevalent active ingredient in marijuana, but it does not cause a “high” on its own.

The study looked at a Food and Drug Administration-approved, pharmaceutical-grade formula of CBD. It also looked at COVID-19 infection in human cells and in mice.

The authors of the study said in their research that more work needs to be done to prove whether CBD is effective for COVID-19 treatment.

“The study’s findings do not suggest that consuming commercially available products with CBD additives that vary in potency and quality can prevent COVID-19,” they noted.

UofL’s research into CBD and COVID-19 comes as scientists continue efforts to look for new therapies to treat people infected with the virus and variants. They said the research is important for people in areas that may lack access to vaccines as the pandemic continues not just in the country but across the world.

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