How to make a cannabis birthday cake

Follow this recipe to create a birthday present you won't soon forget.
Follow this recipe to create a birthday present you won’t soon forget.

Whether you are 27 or 72, birthdays are special. At the kitchen of Laurie and Mary Jane we infused this triple-layer gateau with one of our favorites, the sweet, strawberry and diesel-smelling Bruce Banner strain.

This pistachio chocolate cake, uninfused, has been the Wolf family birthday dessert for years. The frosting, a pistachio buttercream, enrobes the dark, rich chocolate cake.  Pistachio has no problem masking the taste of the canna-butter, and chocolate and cocoa do the same for the infused oil in the cake. If you didn’t know you would never know, but of course you will know because we don’t give cannabis to unsuspecting people — it’s not nice.

You have a decision to make, and it requires some serious thought. Do you infuse the batter as well as the frosting, or do you choose one or the other? A double dose can ruin a birthday party. I can’t say it enough: When it comes to cannabis, less is more. Unless you are a group of heavy users, my suggestion is to go with infusing the cake.

Although this cake looks tricky, it actually is not. You will need a few extra items, but they are easy to find and will up your decorating game. The cannabis leaves are made with fondant, essentially a sugar paste, which comes in colors for your decorating pleasure.

For the frosting, yes, we are using a bit of a short cut. A few tablespoons of pistachio pudding mix. If you want the “from scratch” recipe, email me. It takes forever but it’s awesome. This one is almost awesome.

Regarding the fondant: Because you roll it thin, a little fondant goes a long way.  If you want to pick your own colors you will need to knead the color into the fondant.
You’ll need parchment and a rolling pin. If you don’t have a rolling pin, but have an empty wine bottle, that will work too. Sprinkle the parchment with some xxx sugar (powdered sugar) to keep it from sticking.

Each slice should have 7 mg of THC if you use cannabis oil that is 1 mg THC per 1 ml of oil.

Fondant is available in most craft stores and upscale markets. If you order online, and you need it bad, you can possibly have it the next day. And that is where you can find the cannabis leaf cookie cutters.  How sweet is that?

Serves 16 (with 7 mg THC per slice when using Pot d’Huile cannabis oil that has 1 mg THC per 1 milliliter of oil. A standard ‘dose’ of THC is 10 mg, but new consumers should start with 2.5 mg THC and wait 90 minutes.)