Trying cannabis edibles spiced for the season from Kiva

kiva holiday trio

Kiva started as a chocolate maker in the California medical market in 2010. The company now operates in eleven states; they’re still serving up delectable chocolates but have added other treats like Camino Gummies and Terra Bites. As for their latest offering, the Holiday Trio is now available in California and Michigan, and we tried it out.

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I started budtending in San Francisco in 2011, and the dispensary sold orange dark chocolate and mint milk chocolate Kiva Bars. Buying a bar was one of my favorite payday splurges. So, when I was informed that the trio of holiday goodies included the Mint Irish Cream Milk Chocolate, I became immediately nostalgic for the creamy chocolate that melts in your mouth. And, no surprise, it is just as delicious as I remember.

Kiva Holiday Trio review

The Kiva trio of holiday favorites includes the Mint Irish Cream Bar, Terra Peppermint Pattie bites, and Camino Holiday Punch gummies. I enjoyed all three, but I definitely have my favorites.

Terra Peppermint Pattie bites offer exactly what they promise: they truly taste like the beloved wintertime candy. But my favorite was definitely the Mint Irish Cream Bar, though it might be the nostalgia that pushed it to the top.

The only one that I might not get again was the Camino Holiday Punch, though I wouldn’t say that they are bad. These little gems have notes of cranberry and cinnamon, but I sensed a lot of clove which isn’t my favorite as a dominant flavor.

Effects of the Kiva Holiday Trio

Each of the edibles featured in the winter favorites is dosed out to be five milligrams of cold water hash per bite, square, or gem gummy. They kick in pretty quickly; I ate them an hour or so after dinner and the effects started around 30 minutes after consumption.

This might not have been wise with the Camino gummy since the effects are described as “Christmas Morning,” but I found the energizing terpenes nice for getting chores done after I put the kiddo to bed. Seriously, it’s not easy to paint a bathroom ceiling or do a sink of dishes after working a full day and gentle parenting my heart out. But Camino gummies are a good companion on that quest. That said, I often choose to consume edibles for sleep, and that was a job for Terra Peppermint Pattie Bites and Mint Bar.

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As someone allergic to dairy and meat (the chocolates contain either milk and the gummies have gelatin), I’d still try them again because they’re good and they work. Even if it’s a gamble with my GI tract, I sometimes can’t resist. But I also won’t stop asking edible companies to make me infused dairy-free chocolate. Please?

The Kiva Holiday Trio is delicious and effective. The products have a speedy onset for food made with cannabis extract rather than nanoemulsion, and they’re in nostalgic winter flavors. Minty chocolate bites, spiced cranberry gummies, and Irish cream chocolate bars are a delicious addition to a 21+ stocking, as long as it’s in California or Michigan.

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