From cannabis restaurants to hiking trails, these are some of the best places to smoke weed in California


You could say California has it all – great weather, sunny beaches, A-list celebrities, and, of course, legal weed. California is one of 18 states where cannabis is legal for recreational use.

Legal weed is great in itself, but much of what you get out of your high depends on where you choose to consume. Fortunately, California has some incredible cannabis-friendly destinations.

If you’re a resident or plan on visiting soon, here are some ideas for dope spots to light up in California.

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California is one of the most visited places in the world. And now that it’s legal to consume weed recreationally, it makes sense that more 420-friendly lodging options are emerging across the Sunshine State.

If you’re ever in Southern California, check out the Desert Hot Springs Inn near Palm Springs. With its CBD-based spa treatments and tolerance for smoking or vaping weed on the property (as long as you’re considerate of non-users), it’s the ideal ganja getaway. This intimate desert hideaway has three suites and six rooms, ranging from $100 to $289 a night.

Another option is the Madonna Inn, located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco in San Luis Obispo. If you visit this flashy, pink motel with its 110 individually-themed rooms, you may feel like you’ve walked into a Disney fairytale. Needless to say, it’s a fun place to be after a few puffs. Plus, Madonna Inn hosts the Hemp & Cannabis Fair every year.

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As all users know, food and cannabis go together like peanut butter and jelly. But rather than diving into the fridge after a few tokes, you could satisfy your munchies at one of the many 420-friendly restaurants and cafes scattered throughout California.

One such place is the Rainbow Bar & Grill, located in West Hollywood. The dishes are not cannabis-infused, but you can BYOB (bring your own bud) to light up and enjoy their fine cuisine.

You could also try the Cannabis Supper Club. Their chefs expertly pair the freshest ingredients with quality strains to provide you with unique dishes. Check their website for their next tasting or event.

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Outdoor destinations

For many cannabis consumers, being high in the great outdoors is one of the most relaxing experiences on earth.

Thankfully, California has no shortage of natural beauty. From Lake Merritt to Dolores Park in the Bay area to Blacks Beach in San Diego, there are plenty of beautiful outdoor spots where cannabis consumers can enjoy light hiking and breathtaking views while high.

One outdoorsy place that’s private enough for you to relax and enjoy your high without interruption is Treebones Resort in Big Sur. You can choose to relax in either a human nest or a yurt by the ocean. Considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, Treebones offers a calming vibe and refreshing activities, such as yoga, kayaking, and hiking, which you can enjoy on an elevated level.

Though many people do it anyway, it’s still technically illegal to smoke or consume weed in public outdoor spaces in California. To play it safe, consume before embarking on your excursion.

If you are visiting a National Park, you will be entering federal territory where cannabis consumption of any kind is illegal, so you definitely shouldn’t bring recreational or medical marijuana there.

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