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Field Guide: Jane West’s new gear, Mr Moxey’s Mints, Mike Tyson’s gambit

Custom nails for the Harborside launch. | Photo by David Downs
Custom nails for the Harborside launch. | Photo by David Downs

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We’re just barely starting to recover from the Commercial Legalization Launch Day here in California. It’s been like drinking from a firehose.

We didn’t sleep for the better part of two days, starting New Year’s Eve. Monday was a reporting whirlwind. Tuesday and Wednesday didn’t slow down, either. The elation with over-the-counter sales in Oakland, Berkeley, San Diego and elsewhere is only matched by the confusion and frustration being felt in what have  been cannabis-dry towns San Francisco, Los Angeles and elsewhere.

On Tuesday, West Hollywood started legal sales, but in Los Angeles proper, instead of ribbon-cuttings we got a police press conference that only made things more confusing.

Keep calm and pace yourself. The launch is clearly going to be a marathon in California, not a sprint.

One upside is broke all its previous traffic records serving readers news they can use about where the open stores are, what the law is, and how to shop for cannabis.

Apologies ahead of time if you get sick of hearing me on TV and and the radio — I’ve done KQED, KTVU, KCCO, KPFA . . . . Keep the questions coming and we’ll do our best. Here’s what’s trending in cannabis lifestyle. — David Downs


Legalization is inviting a whole new crew to come out of the cannabis closet. Waiting for them is Jane West’s new product line. “The Classic” ($58) looks like an aluminum flask but holds flower and a spring-loaded taster. “The Compact” ($48) takes inspiration from cosmetics cases, and “The Wand” ($38) is disguised as a tube of mascara.


Cable news network CNN surprised even the cannabis community when it ran live remotes from a Denver marijuana party bus on New Year’s Eve. FoxNews had a field day with the footage.

Google searches for “marijuana” almost doubled over the New Year, likely due to California legalization.


Cannabis use is not associated with lack of motivation, a new study found. Via NORML.

The California Office of Traffic Safety has a really modern public service announcement about drugged driving.


STRAIN: CBD OG is perfect for folks afraid of getting too stoned on today’s modern herb. Newly licensed recreational delivery service Bay Area C.R.A.F.T. is stocked with this cannabidiol-rich flower that looks and smells fabulous. . . . EDIBLE: Mr Moxey’s Mints is Washington’s top-selling edible, according to the site Lemonhaze. And the hive mind of Washington consumers can’t be wrong. . . . TOPICAL: Loads of recreational shoppers are actually medical patients who were waiting for over-the-counter options. Emerald Cup top finisher in the topicals category — North Bay Nectar’s Eucalyptus Spearmint Extra Strength Muscle Rub — is a good place to start.


Leading Washington edibles maker The Goodship Company was scooped up by cannabis holding company Privateer Holdings, which has raised $150M to snatch up promising cannabis companies. We interviewed Goodship’s Jody Hall in 2017.

In a New York Times op-ed, President Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State, George Shultz, called for an end to the drug war that his former boss helped ramp up.

Cannabis analytics company BDS analytics and angel investment network The ArcView Group estimated legal cannabis will generate $40B in “economic output” by 2021, including 414,000 full-time workers. . . . BDS estimates legal cannabis supported 89,000 jobs in 2016 and will generate $1.9 billion in wholesale, excise, cannabis-specific and general sales taxes in 2017. Marijuana was worth $3B to Colorado in 2017 and $5.8B to California.


What’s the best type of cannabis for cleaning your whole house? We talk to a leading Monterey, Calif. Farm CEO Christian DePaci for GreenState’s podcast, The Hash.


San Diego was the sleeper hit of launch day in California. Just in time, The Chronicle has everything to do in a one-day visit. Here’s a San Diego dispensary map to go with it.


Commercial cannabis sales started in California: GreenState was at launches in Oakland, San Jose, Berkeley, Sacramento and Eureka with a big story, a slideshow, a liveblog, and an interview with the first purchaser — a former federal prosecutor.

Also, Big Data has come to cannabis, but one leader in herbal analytics, Lemonhaze, still knows how to have fun. Via GreenState.

And as more American towns debate allowing cannabis retailers, a new study finds that liquor stores are associated with more crime than dispensaries. Via Marijuana Moment.


Former boxing champ Mike Tyson claims to be opening a canna-resort in California, but we’re not betting on the fighter. California City is an undeveloped no man’s land. Glamping there sounds terrible.

And The New York Times blew the lid off an apparent national drug testing scam. Urine screening has become a blockbuster up-sell at shady rehab clinics who bill the government and private insurance. . . . The father of drug-testing Robert DuPont also has the ear of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Jerry’s Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” has moved to Netflix for its 10th Season this week. . . . Also new on Netflix, the cheerleading classicBring It On”. . . . Looking for more girls being mean? “Blame” heats up in theaters and is rated Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.


The next year of GreenState coverage, starting with our next print edition! Due out in March, we’ll revisit the medical theme — with trending stories on cannabis-specialized physicians, recreational legalization’s unexpected boon to medical patients. Plus, reviews of the best medical products, your etiquette questions answered and much more.


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