How to pass a drug test when you’ve recently used cannabis: Ways to get THC out of your system, fast


Cannabis legalization has swept through the U.S., and you can now legally enjoy it for medical and/or recreational purposes in 37 states. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from losing out on a job or being let go from your current job if you are found to have THC in your system.

While it’s now legal to partake in marijuana, many jobs will still turn you down or you may get fired for using cannabis in your free time. Many employers still drug test employees after hiring them, or randomly throughout the year.

This poses a serious issue for those who use cannabis regularly for medicinal purposes, and even for those who use cannabis recreationally once in a while. Why? Well, it’s hard to tell how long THC will be detectable in your system. According to Healthline, THC can be traceable in bodily fluids (saliva, urine, etc.) up to 30 days after you’ve consumed cannabis, and even CBD products with any amount of THC in them. If your employer lets you know about a mandatory drug test a month prior to testing, that may not be enough time for your body to detox.

So how do you rid your system of THC in time?

While there is no way to guarantee THC is 100% out of your system, we researched some remedies that may help.

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Know Yourself, and Your Test

Marijuana can stay in different parts of your system for different amounts of time, depending on how frequently you use it, your weight, and your metabolism.

Generally, the more you use marijuana the longer it will take to be able to pass a THC drug test. Partaking once may show up on a marijuana drug test for up to 3 days and frequent use can show up on a test for a month or more.

This also varies depending on the kind of test you take. A hair follicle test can detect THC in your system from the past 30-90 days. A blood or saliva test will most commonly detect THC from the past 1-3 days. The most common, a urine test, will detect THC from the past 3-30 days.

If you’re currently job searching or have been informed you’ll have to take a drug test soon for another reason, your best and safest bet is to stop consuming cannabis until the test is complete. If you think you haven’t been given enough time to prepare, keep reading.

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Detox and Cleanse

One natural way to try and get THC out of your system faster before a cannabis drug test is to sweat it out.

Working out can clear out your system and rid it of THC metabolites. This method is most effective when combined with other methods.

Do anything to make yourself sweaty and active every day leading up to your test, and make sure to consistently drink plenty of water if you’re taking a urine test. Visit a sauna after your workout session to maximize the effect.

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You can also take drinks and supplements to help get THC out of your system. They don’t guarantee the desired result, but they won’t hurt your chances either.

Fruit pectin can be found in detox drinks and can clean out your intestines. You can also look for drinks with main ingredients like ginger, dandelion, turmeric, orange peel extract, prickly ash bark, and burdock to support digestion and elimination.

There are also kit manufacturers like Toxin Rid, which has a 7 or 10-day kit for frequent marijuana users. Drinks like Mega Clean are designed to restore your urine’s natural pH and temperature.

Like with all supplements, be sure to read the ingredients carefully, check consumer reviews, and consult with a doctor before use. Getting THC out of your system is not worth sacrificing your long-term health.

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