How to Find Recreational Weed in Washington DC: A Stoner Guide

When recreational cannabis possession was legalized in Washington, DC in 2015, stoners across the district rejoiced.

But unlike in some states where recreational weed is legal—such as California, Colorado, and Oregon—purchasing legal weed in DC isn’t quite as easy as dropping by your corner dispensary. That’s because while cannabis possession in DC is legal, operating dispensaries still isn’t.

So, how do DC potheads get their hands on joints, edibles, or flower? Read on to learn more about how to get legal recreational weed in Washington, DC.

Storefronts and pickups

While recreational cannabis possession and use in Washington, DC is legal, having a retail weed shop isn’t. To get around this curious hurdle, purveyors of pot have instead found different creative ways to supply weed as gifts to people.

A “storefront” is the method that’s most similar to a retail shop you might see in states where recreational weed is legal. Folks will host their storefronts in other businesses—often smoke shops or stores that sells CBD products. When you visit a shop that is hosting a storefront, you’ll be able to peruse the gift display before making your selection.

One big advantage to using a storefront is that you don’t have to make an appointment. One big downside, however, is that you might encounter a line, or the shop may be closed when you decide you want to procure some weed.

A pick-up requires making an appointment in advance, but also is a more reliable and quick transaction. When you do a pickup, you simply meet your supplier in a private, previously agreed-upon location, and pick up your weed.

Benefits of Weed Delivery

There’s no bigger buzzkill than suddenly realizing you’ve run out of weed. For a lot of stoners, a perfectly pleasant evening on the couch can be disrupted by having to go out into the cold to pick up some more cannabis.

Both pick-ups and storefronts require you to leave your comfortable home—which, during the COVID-19 pandemic, can be a risky endeavor. Fortunately, weed delivery allows you to get more pot in the comfort of your own home.

Weed delivery is as simple as ordering a pizza: You call or text the club or brand you are interested in trying, and tell them what you’re interested in. Then, you just kick back and wait for your weed delivery service to knock on your door.

Yep, it’s really that easy!

Happy Highs!

Washington, DC residents don’t have the luxury of going to their neighborhood pot shop, unlike in states where recreational weed is legal in 2020. That’s because the ballot measure that legalized pot possession in DC specifically banned weed retail shops.

But once you find a brand that offers storefront, pickup, or delivery services, you’re likely just a matter of hours away from sparking up a pre-roll, consuming an edible, or packing a bowl.

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