CBG vs CBN for Sleep

CBG vs CBN for Sleep

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You have probably heard more and more people talking about CBG and CBN. These two cannabinoids play key roles inside the cannabis plant. Since the 2018 Farm Bill, producers have created different ways to aid consumers in supporting different wellness areas of their lives including the integration of these two compounds.

Many hemp and cannabis brands are tackling sleep problems, which roughly one in three adults worldwide suffer. Because of the potential benefits of CBG and CBN, we’ve made a small guide to help you choose the best cannabinoid to tackle this complex problem.

Down below, you’ll find what each cannabinoid is, how much you should take, how they work, and our top choices in products that could help from both. If you want to know which one might be better to tackle sleep problems, keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • CBN (cannabinol) is a cannabinoid that has slight psychoactive effects.
  • CBG (cannabigerol) is also a natural compound that is not overtly psychoactive and is a form of the precursor of all other cannabinoids.
  • Both compounds can potentially tackle pain, inflammation, and discomfort to support as a sleeping aid.
  • CBN can make you feel drowsy by binding to the CB1 receptor, while CBG tends to give a clear-headed relaxation feeling.
  • Both cannabinoids may work well for certain symptoms, but the best way to potentially aid sleep is by using them together.

What is CBN?

Before we move to compare CBG vs CBN for sleep, we have to take a quick look at both cannabinoids. So let’s start with cannabinol, often found in “old weed.” CBN is the byproduct of Delta-9 THC breakdown, and is created when THC oxidizes.

When D9 THC starts to break down due to light, heat, or temperature changes, it turns into CBN. This slightly psychoactive cannabinoid is responsible for making you drowsy whenever you’ve smoked an old jay that you’ve had way too long lying around.

However, thanks to its slight psychoactive properties, users have found use in using it as a sleep aid or as a complimentary pain relief cannabinoid when paired up with CBD or other compounds. So, to sum it up, CBN is a weaker version of THC that has some potential benefits due to its interaction with our bodies.

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What is CBG?

Now, let’s take a look at the co-star of this small debate. CBG, known as cannabigerol, is also a compound that can be found in the hemp plant naturally. Like CBN, it also has a nickname of sorts, “the mother of all cannabinoids.”

The reason behind that nickname is simply because CBG is the precursor of THC and CBD. This is the cannabinoid that splits into THCa and CBDa, which later convert into THC and CBD, respectively. 

This cannabinoid is known to act similarly to CBD, with a few differences in the onset and general benefits. Specifically, users have used cannabigerol to potentially support specific pain in the bowel and digestive areas.

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CBN vs CBG for Sleep: How Do They Work?

Even though both cannabinoids are similar in interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS for short), CBN and CBG for sleep have different onsets. CBN is psychoactive, and it is considered to have one-tenth of potency when compared to actual Delta-9 THC.

While this won’t make you too high, it is the main reason why CBN can make you feel drowsy, as it can actually bind to the proteins in the CB1 receptor loosely. 

Other cannabinoids like CBD or CBG only work around the pathways to help regulate the production of certain neurotransmitters, but CBN is considered to be more powerful due to its affinity and binding.

So, how does this affect CBG vs CBN for sleep? Well, CBN relaxes and lowers the production of the danger and anxiety signals from the nervous system strongly, while CBG only regulates and inhibits the production of these pathways. So, CBN is stronger as it interacts directly and can cause a relaxing feeling due to its sedative properties.

CBN vs CBG: How Much Should You Take for Sleep?

CBN doses are usually low. Regular users tend to take anywhere between 15 and 25 mg for stress or discomfort. For greater pain and chronic ailments, we actually would recommend going for a stronger 25 mg dose or using a 1:1 formula that has 25mg of CBD and CBN.

CBG, on the other hand, is usually okay with a 20-25mg dose. A 2:1 formula with CBD and CBG is sometimes preferred by the consumers, as CBD can help with the entourage effect and relax your muscles and mind.

Now if you plan on having a truce with CBG vs CBN for sleep and plan to use them along with CBD, we’d recommend a 1:1:1 formula or products that have major CBD content with up to 20mg, and 10mg of CBN and CBD, each. This 2:1:1 formula is one of the most common and the best if you desire an entourage effect.

What Are the Similarities of Using CBG vs CBN for Sleep?

In general, both cannabinoids work with similar pathways in our bodies. CBG and CBN interact with our endocannabinoid system, which is part of our nervous network. They both have similar onset, but CBN can make you feel drowsier than CBG.

Both cannabinoids may tackle pain and inflammation and may have general analgesic properties, which could lead to stress and anxiety relief. Both work well in tandem and have been used in full-spectrum formulas together with CBD to help you unwind after a long day.

What Are the Differences Between CBG vs CBN for Sleep?

Both cannabinoids have different ways of tackling sleep problems. While, of course, they can both relax and potentially aid with discomfort, CBG may also fight digestive problems like colitis, inflammation in the bowel, or general irritation.

CBN, on the other hand, is often sought out by those looking to get a better quality of sleep. Some people want to get sleep faster but also have better rest, which in some cases, CBN may help.

Both compounds are similar in how they interact and the pathways they use, but when used together, they can help tackle inflammation and discomfort thereby boosting your well-being so you can get better rest. We are comparing the general uses and functions, but they can both potentially act as promoters of sleep.

CBG or CBN: Which One Is Better for Sleeping?

This is where the debate gets interesting. While CBN has been usually recommended as an effective sleeping aid, most of the research papers refer to the degradation of Delta-9 THC or use other cannabinoids to support this.

On the other hand, CBG on its own could not be as powerful as CBN or CBD to tackle some of the symptoms that could cause insomnia. That said, CBG, in general, could be more helpful towards anxiety-relieving when paired with CBD.

So, in general, due to how it binds to the receptors of our endocannabinoid system, CBN is preferred by users when tackling sleeping symptoms. If used together, CBG and CBD as a pair could work even better than a CBN isolate, which also tends to be pricier.

Now, sleep-related disorders are complex and can be based on multiple symptoms. If your sleep problems are related to digestion or problems with bowel movement, like IBS, CBG could be a better aid to ease the general discomfort and bloating.

Can You Take CBG and CBN Together for Sleep?

Yes! And while comparing CBN vs CBG for sleep is important to understand each cannabinoid individually, they actually work better in tandem. When used together, they boost the properties that each compound has thanks to the entourage effect.

We recommend trying a full-spectrum formula or a dedicated formula that has a combo of CBN and CBD, CBN and CBG, or the three of them: CBG, CBN, and CBD. With the three working as a power throuple, the onset will stay for much longer, and the effects are usually more noticeable since they can potentially treat anxiety, stress, and pain.

What Is the Legal Status of CBN and CBG?

CBN and CBG derived from hemp are considered legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, which allows hemp products to be sold and consumed at a federal level. However, products under this legal framework must have less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC per dry weight.

While CBN is a byproduct of THC and is technically psychoactive, the real effects on the body are so little that you won’t feel overly intoxicated. That said, some states have stricter regulations than others and have even banned hemp products locally.

To make sure you are safe buying CBN or CBG products, make sure to check your local legal framework first and always check the certificate of analysis on a product.

Where to Buy CBN and CBG Products for Sleep Online

If you want to try CBN and CBG products to help with sleep, we have a few products in mind. For this list, we took into consideration how the brand presents its products, the quality, if lab tests are available, and the overall vibe with CBD and CBG. Let’s take a look at our top five CBG and CBN products.

1. Batch CBD


Batch CBD by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific is one of the top-shelf dispensaries and best hemp-based sellers out there. Don’t be deceived by their minimalistic bottle design, their CBG oil is one of the best quality in the market. They offer two concentrations available at 1000mg of CBD and 1000mg of CBG, or 2000mg and 2000mg of both cannabinoids. This tincture has a natural citrus-like taste thanks to terpenes like limonene, caryophyllene, and pinene.

2. Otter Space

If you are like us and you are a fool for all things colorful and adorable, Otter Space is the perfect hemp brand for you. Besides their incredible packaging and fun vibe, their Lunar Sleep Gummies are engineered to help you sleep better with a mix of super nutrients and cannabinoids.

These infused gummies come in a 30-piece container, with fully vegan ingredients and 15mg of CBN that pair up with 25mg of CBD per gummy.

3. Botany Farms

Botany Farms simply has a special place in our (hemp) hearts. This hemp-based online dispensary has an incredible array of hemp strains and products, with an artisan curating process that always gives taste and quality.

One of their best products is their prerolls, and their Lemon Diesel CBG preroll is top notch. With incredible sour and citrusy notes in this two-pack with 0.5g of CBG-only weed, you’ll be waiting for bedtime to have some tokes.


If you want simple packaging with powerful cannabinoids that are straightforward, you’ll love FAB CBD. Their products have high-quality and potency, and their CBD and CBG Full Spectrum tincture is perfect for this. With three different taste profiles to choose from and 2400 mg of cannabinoids with a 1:1 CBD and CBG ratio, this tincture is perfect if you want a reliable formula that’s vegan and simple.

5. Moonwlkr

Moonwlkr is one of the hemp brands out there that are regularly innovating in the hemp space while keeping a brand story that’s both functional and fun. With award-winning terpenes. blend, and other cannabinoid-based products, you’ll want to try their CBD:CBG Lemon Ginger Gummies.

These gummies come with 25mg of CBD with 10mg of CBG each in the delicious Lemon Ginger flavors. They are fully vegan and come in a 30-piece pack, with fully gluten-free ingredients to relax and unwind after a long day.

Conclusion — CBN vs CBG for Sleep

In this article, we’ve covered the most important things you have to know about CBG vs CBN for sleep – From what they are, how they work, and how they target different things. While both are typically produced as hemp-derived cannabinoids, CBN is still considered psychoactive.

On the other hand, CBG, the mother of all cannabinoids, works similarly to CBD in how it affects the endocannabinoid system.

Now, all in all, both are very good cannabinoids that tackle sleep in different methods. CBG might be better when used together with CBD, or if used to treat certain digestive-related discomfort. CBN might be stronger alone but can get pricier as an isolate. So our last recommendation to get the best sleep is using them in tandem or mixed with CBD.

Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission when you purchase products featured here. Please consult your doctor before starting any new supplement to see it is right for you.