The four best CBD + CBN gummies for sleep

Best CBD + CBN Gummies For Sleep

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If you are in the hemp space, you’ve probably heard the buzz around either CBD or CBN for sleep. But what about using both cannabinoids to boost each other’s effects? CBD has shown the potential to aid with pain relief and inflammation, while CBN could help with other symptoms and generally help you doze off quicker.

If you want to know the insights on how these two work synergistically and the best CBD + CBN gummies for sleep, we’ve gathered some key insights and potential benefits so you can choose the products that align with your wellness goals.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the article.

Key Takeaways

  • CBN and CBD are both cannabinoids that can tackle certain symptoms that may deteriorate sleep, like pain relief, discomfort, and falling asleep.
  • The use of these two cannabinoids in gummies can be very helpful, as they are discreet, easy to microdose, and can have a larger onset than other forms of consumption.
  • Generally speaking, CBD and CBN formulas may help certain symptoms as they can boost each others’ effects thanks to the entourage effect.

A Quick Look at the Best CBD + CBN Gummies for Sleep

  1. Batch CBD – Editor’s Pick: Best CBD + CBN Gummies For Sleep
  2. Otter Space – Best Nighttime CBD + CBN Gummies
  3. Green Roads – Best CBD + CBN Gummies for Sleep with Melatonin
  4. MoonWlkr – Best Vegan CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies

Potential Benefits of CBD + CBN Gummies for Sleeping

Before moving to the potential benefits, let’s just have a quick reminder on both cannabinoids. CBN and CBD are cannabinoids that are legal at a federal level as long as they are derived from hemp, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Cannabidiol (CBD) is not psychoactive for most people, but cannabinol is a byproduct of THC, which gives it slight psychoactive effects.

Now, while CBN and CBD have incredible properties, the potential of using CBD + CBN gummies for sleep is very high. Here are some of the most noticeable benefits of using each cannabinoid, and some in tandem.

  • CBD could potentially aid by relaxing and binding with different neuroreceptors. According to a study from 2019, CBD may help to improve sleep and reduce anxiety.
  • Cannabidiol could be an aid to help with discomfort and pain. A scientific review noted that this cannabinoid may soothe pain thanks to its sedative properties and aid with pain-related symptoms.
  • CBN has strong potential as a sedative. Research has shown that it could aid as an analgesic and tranquilizing agent when used in tandem with other cannabinoids.
  • Cannabinol has shown the potential to induce sleep and increase the time and quality of sleep when presented in users with sleeplessness.
  • Cannabidiol may be helpful to improve REM sleep disorders, helping increase sleep quality.

As you can see, the use of both cannabinoids may prove useful to support certain sleep problems, mainly focused on stress, pain, discomfort, and even problems with sleep cycles. But as always, remember to check with your healthcare provider before trying any supplement.

Pros & Cons of CBN + CBD Sleep Gummies

Now, like most cannabinoids and supplements, some people might be extra sensitive to certain effects. So, let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of using CBD and CBN together.


  • Edibles are easier to divide and eat. Since you can slice them up as needed, you can easily measure and microdose as you need.
  • The CBD and CBN combo means you won’t need two products. While these formulas can be slightly more expensive, they will be a lifesaver in the long term since you’re only using one product.
  • Cannabinoids work better in tandem. If using only one cannabinoid has not worked before, you might want to try using them together to amp up the onset and effects.
  • CBD may help with body relaxation, and CBN will get you to bed. While cannabidiol is known for helping out with inflammation and pain, CBN may relax you thanks to its light psychoactive properties.


  • Using both cannabinoids can be very strong if you’re not micro-dosing properly. You might want to start with micro-dosing before having a full gummy if you’ve never experienced either of these cannabinoids.
  • Some of these gummies can get pricey. Depending on the formula, quality, and overall ingredients, some products can be pricier than just buying a pre roll.

How Do CBD:CBN Sleep Gummies Work for Sleep?

CBD and CBN gummies work through the endocannabinoid system, also known as ECS. The ECS is part of the nervous network of our body and plays an important role in regulating certain neurochemicals in our brains, like appetite, pain, inflammation, and others.

By using CBD and CBN together, each compound tackles the production or inhibition of different neurotransmitters by either binding or blocking the proteins in the different receptors, mainly CB1 and CB2.

This is how they can help to support pain, as they both can inhibit the chemical that signals your body to feel pain or makes certain parts of your body swole. In the case of CBN, since it actually loosely binds to the proteins, it may make you feel drowsier than CBD.

Best CBD + CBN Gummies for Sleep

We’ve looked at some of the key insights on how CBD and CBN work in tandem, but let’s now check some of the best brands that use the power of both cannabinoids (and, in some cases, other compounds) to support your sleep potentially.

Let’s now go with some of the best CBD + CBN gummies for sleep.

1. Batch CBD – Editor’s Pick: Best CBD + CBN Gummies For Sleep

Batch CBD is an incredible hemp-dedicated brand that’s backed up by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, ensuring they create transparent and high-quality products you can enjoy in your day-to-day life. If you are looking for CBD + CBN gummies for sleep, you’ll want to try their Nighttime CBD + CBN Gummies.


As the editor’s pick, you’ll definitely want to try these super gummies. With 30 gummies per pack and an incredible full-spectrum formula, each of these infused edibles was made to enhance rest naturally. Besides the 25mg of CBD and 15mg of CBN, these have 25mg of Passion Flower extract and 50mg of L-Theanine. This formula is perfect for dozing off while using all-natural and vegan ingredients.


  • Delicious flavor
  • Full-spectrum CBD and CBN formula
  • Uses all-natural sleep enhancers with L-Theanine and Passion Flower extract
  • A subscription service is available to help repurchase with a discount


  • Fairly expensive price point

2. Otter Space – Best Nighttime CBD + CBN Gummies

What do otters, nighttime, and CBD all have in common? Well, meet Otter Space, one of the most innovative and fun hemp brands in the marketplace. If you want quality meets creativity, you’ll love their special CBD + CBN gummies for sleep formula.


The Lunar Sleep Gummies come in a delicious raspberry flavor with completely vegan, Non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients. Besides its fun branding, these gummies do pack a punch. Each candy has 25mg of CBD mixed with 15mg of high-quality CBN. And with all-natural flavorings with tapioca, pectin, and natural flavors, these are the perfect nighttime gummies.


  • All-natural flavor and ingredients with pectin, tapioca, and fruit
  • Delicious formula with CBD and CBN
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, and gluten-free
  • Great price for hemp quality


  • Raspberry might not be the best flavor for all people

3. Green Roads Sleepy Z’s – Best CBD + CBN Gummies for Sleep with Melatonin

Sleepy Z’s is a specialized product made by Green Roads dispensary that brings the best hemp products to support your wellness goals and, of course, help you enhance your sleep. For a melatonin-based option, you’ll love their CBD, CBN, and Melatonin gummies.


These gummies are perfect if you want to try the power of melatonin with CBD and CBN. With a total of 5mg of melatonin and 25mg of a CBD and CBN mix, each of these blackberry-flavored treats might help you relax and unwind before bed. These gummies are pharmacist-formulated, independent-lab tested, and use a broad-spectrum formula.


  • Incredible CBN + CBD + melatonin formula
  • Broad-spectrum formula
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Pharmacists formulated with independent lab testing


  • CBD to CBN ratio is lower than other products on the list

4. MoonWlkr – Best Vegan CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies

The fifth choice in our list is by an incredible brand that uses all-natural ingredients with prime quality to create wellness products you can actually use. MoonWlkr has a diverse hemp-based catalog designed to help and support different problems of your day-to-day life, and their CBD:CBN Sleep Gummies are perfect for helping you unwind after a long day.


This sample pack comes with six pieces, and each comes with 25mg of CBD and 10mg of CBN per gummy. The edibles have a delicious mixed berry flavor with completely vegan and gluten-free ingredients. We also love all of their products due to their high quality, and they are all locally made in the US.


  • Good CBN and CBD combo and ratio
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and all made in the US
  • Sample and full-size available


  • Limited flavor options

How We Made Our Top Choices for Best CBD:CBN Sleep Gummies

To find the best CBD + CBN gummies for sleep, we chose the brands that had third-party lab reports with acceptable levels of all cannabinoids. We also took into account their general reputation, customer reviews, and general vibe when looking at their products and website.

In general, we looked for products where we had some sort of proof of quality, especially if they actually had both CBD and CBN in a dedicated formula.

CBN and CBD for Sleep: Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a question or two on CBN and CBD or how to choose the best CBD CBN gummies for sleep, we’ve got you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by the community.

CBD vs CBN for Sleep

While both CBD and CBN help for sleep, some people prefer CBN due to its slightly psychoactive component, which can make users drowsy.

What’s the Difference Between CBD and CBN for Sleep?

The main difference between CBD and CBN is its psychoactive properties. Some users feel like CBN helps them fall asleep faster, while others feel like CBD can give a body-relaxing feeling instead.

Which Is Better: CBN or CBD for Sleep?

This depends on what you want to try and the symptoms you’d like to potentially support. For general muscle relaxation, CBD might work better, while CBN may target specific discomfort and falling asleep faster.

How Does CBD + CBN Help With Sleep?

Both cannabinoids use the entourage effect to help you relax and ease the general discomfort that pain or stress can cause. This happens due to their interaction with the ECS (Endocannabinoid System).

How Much CBD + CBN Should I Take for Sleep?

For greater discomfort, a 1:1 formula is recommended. Always start with a low dose. If you want to help inflammation or tackle nausea, you can always up the CBD dosage.

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

We’ve looked at some of the key insights you have to know before trying CBD + CBN gummies for sleep. Besides the potential benefits like tackling pain, discomfort, inflammation, and even neuropathic pain, you may feel relaxed and fall asleep faster due to the interaction with the ECS.

Gummies are a great way to try this formula because they are practical and discreet, and a 1:1 dose will be perfect to start your journey on the CBD and CBN path. Always consult a healthcare professional before taking any supplement, and try using smaller doses before moving to a higher dosage.



Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission when you click links in this content. Our professional curators independently research and recommend products and services, with no newsroom involvement. Merchants can pay for a sponsored listing and may choose to rewrite their summary. When that happens, we label the listing as “Sponsored” and highlight it in grey to differentiate the merchant-provided content from our writing.