Toke Time: How to Choose the Right Bongs for You

Whether it’s your first bong or you’re buying your 10th, it’s always so hard to find the right one. The large online inventories don’t make it much easier either. The possibilities for picking the right bongs for you are endless.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the right bongs for your needs.

Size Matters

Of course size matters! Bongs can be as big as 22 feet, or as little as one foot. If you’re going to be moving your bong around a lot you’d do better with a smaller size. However, if you always keep your bong in one room, or don’t plan on moving it you can get one of those ginormous bongs.

Don’t forget about your bowl too! If you don’t like to repack your bowl every time you want to hit your bong make sure you get a bowl that’s deep enough to hold all your product.

How Many Colors Do You Want?

The next consideration you have is what color do you want your bong to be? Maybe you’re a fan of the Netflix show Grace and Frankie, and want to get a bong as colorful as the Grace and Frankie Bong. You could also be looking for a more simple, clear bong that you can see the smoke through.

Either way, take note of what colors you want and make sure you use that to narrow your search.

How Do You Typically Smoke?

Are you more of a social smoker or more of a Solo Dolo? If you smoke with a lot of people, you need a bong that’s going to be easy to hold in multiple places, and light enough to pass. This way when you’re in your smoke circle it’s easy to puff puff pass.

When you’re a solo smoker you’re able to get a little more intricate with your bong purchase. You can get a bong that has many chambers, is delicate, and intricate, because you can trust yourself to hold it and put it away properly.

If you’re looking for something that does both, then consider a medium-sized bong that can be passed, and also enjoyed alone.

What Accessories Are You Looking For?

Finally, the last thing you need to consider in your next bong purchase is the accessories that can be included.

Percolators, commonly referred to as percs, are little chambers inside the bong that are used to diffuse the smoke, giving you a cleaner hit. There are many types of percs, such as a honeycomb or inline, that has the sole purpose of mixing the smoke with the water for a smoother smoke.

You might also want to consider looking at bongs for sale that have an ice catch. These will hold ice at the top of the bong (where you inhale from) that cools the smoke before it enters your mouth. These, much like percs, help to create a smoother hit.

Get the Right Bongs Today

Now that you know how to choose the right bongs for your needs, go out and get one (or two!) today. Know someone else who’s in the market for a new bong? Then share this article with them so you can toke together.






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