‘The Bachelor’s Tayshia Adams Explains How CBD Has Helped Her Deal With The Anxiety Of Fame

Tayshia Adams may have made a name for herself on the hit reality show The Bachelor, but she’s far from being the type of person seeking fame. In fact, although she got plenty of face time on the dating competition for the world to see, Tayshia was ill-prepared when it came to dealing with millions of people knowing who she was, judging her every move and, generally speaking, being in the spotlight.

As one might expect, that kind of exposure brings lots of anxiety, which is part of the reason why Tayshia began using CBD regularly — which she’s become a serious advocate of. From using CBD oil in things like smoothies and salad dressings, to carrying a bottle with her to help relax and sleep during long flights to exotic destinations, Tayshia Adams is fully aboard the CBD train.

Tayshia has even taken her love of CBD to a new level, teaming up with a CBD brand called Enjoy Pachamama on a soon-to-launch beauty line of her own coming in the spring of 2020. We got a chance to talk to the reality TV star about her CBD journey, and why she feels it’s so important to continue to educate people on the benefits that she herself has experienced.

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Green Entrepreneur: First off, can you talk about what it was like being on The Bachelor?

Tayshia Adams: “Yeah. It was a whirlwind experience to say the least, but it was probably the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my adult life.”

Green Entrepreneur: You used the term “rewarding.” What’s been the most rewarding thing for you from the show, whether it was the reception you’ve gotten, being able to grow your brand or connecting with fans?

Tayshia Adams: “Honestly, I would just say I think I truly found myself. Which is crazy, because I feel like before the experience, I was a little lost. I was going through the motions. I was not really confident in myself.

“After the whole thing — I’m on my own, I’m trying to — let’s see; I just don’t give the little things time. You know what I mean? I do things for myself more. I know what I want to spend my time on, especially with the whole CBD and the business thing. I know I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to do that kind of stuff as opposed to just making other people happy.”

Green Entrepreneur: You talked about finding yourself and getting out of the emotional side, and again, we don’t know what you were like prior to being on the show, but it seems like you’re taking care of yourself mentally to get to the places where you want to be. What have you been up to since all The Bachelor stuff ended? 

Tayshia Adams: “Yeah. I will definitely say one of the coolest things that’s come from it is the brands and the companies that I’ve been approached to even work with, which is something that I never envisioned for myself. Being able to explore, as in traveling to different countries that I’ve never been to, it’s been so incredibly rewarding, and every single day I pinch myself that I’m even asked to go on these trips.

“I think the coolest part is that I’m working with people that I’ve always looked up to and I used, company-wise, since being very young. And now I get to work with them, and it’s crazy to be a part of the team, to be honest.”

Green Entrepreneur: For you, when you’re traveling, what’s your secret to fighting jetlag so you can actually enjoy the time away?

Tayshia Adams: “Number one, I try to stay up the entire night prior to flying. Number two, I make sure to have my CBD oil with me on the plane — which eases my nerves and anxiety at the airport, and also helps me fall asleep and not feel groggy after waking up. I don’t take medication; ever. So something as natural as CBD has really, really helped me and been my sidekick.”

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Green Entrepreneur: You segued perfectly, so thanks for doing that! You’ve become a big advocate for CBD. Can you talk about when you first started using it?

Tayshia Adams: “Yeah. It was last summer I started using it more frequently. I was getting a lot of anxiety from being on The Bachelor. It’s hard putting yourself out there and allowing the world to be able to criticize you. With that, it just comes a lot of attention and it comes with a lot of opinions that you need to learn how to not let bother you. But I am human, and it does bother me, and I got a lot of anxiousness from it, and I wasn’t sleeping. So I started using CBD oil just to help me; and it did dramatically.

“With CBD, it’s kind of like — I find it to be like a little hug, you know what I mean? You just have a little hug and it just makes you feel calmer.”

Green Entrepreneur: How important is it for you to be part of something like CBD?

Tayshia Adams: This is the thing: it’s very common for people who go on The Bachelor to find fame and be in the spotlight, which is fine, but that was definitely not the case for me. So, I don’t want people to just see me and be like, ‘oh, she did the show, so now she’s just working with brands.’ I want to be part of things I only believe in.”

Green Entrepreneur: Exactly. So how important is it for you to really make sure you’re educating people about CBD and giving them the right information? For better or worse, whether you wanted to or not, you’ve become this public figure helping inform people about how this stuff can help.

Tayshia Adams: “I was nervous about taking on that battle, I will definitely tell you that much. I was nervous about talking about CBD on my Instagram because I did not want people to associate that with weed, so I was very hesitant how people were going to take it.

“But I definitely think that I’m in the right space, at the right time. I definitely love being an advocate for CBD. I’ve never seen a negative side effect from it. I know I can’t necessarily say that, but I’ve never seen something negative come out of it. It’s only helped people that I’ve seen.”

Green Entrepreneur: There are many misconceptions about CBD. What would you tell someone who’s hesitant about trying CBD for the first time?

Tayshia Adams: “CBD is not weed, and you are not going to get a head high. That is THC. CBD is completely different.

“Even for myself, before I knew anything about CBD, I associated it with weed. So I understand the misconception because I was one of those people as well; but it’s all about education. CBD is very new to a lot of people. Drugs have a bad connotation anyway, but I don’t think CBD should be considered that at all.”

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Green Entrepreneur: We know you’re really involved with a CBD brand called Pachamama, can you tell us how that came about?

Tayshia Adams: “Yeah, their CEO, Brandon Stump, and I were old neighbors. He hit me up one day and he’s like, ‘I have something really exciting I want to talk to you about. You should come by the office. I think it’d be cool just to chat.’

“So I went to Pachamama, really not knowing anything, being very hesitant, being like, ‘I’m not going to get into this space — because, again, I was uneducated. Then he talked to me about it and he explained CBD, so that’s really how I got started, by just having a simple conversation.”

Green Entrepreneur: And now you’re doing beauty line with them?

Tayshia Adams: “Yeah, it’s going to be called ‘Tayshia’, so it’s my own line. I’m part of the entire process — because I feel like the last thing you’d think of doing is putting the CBD in your hand and just putting it on your skin.”

Green Entrepreneur: Can you describe the process a little bit?

Tayshia Adams: “Yeah! In doing a little bit of research with CBD, I also found that, not only does it have a lot of internal benefits, but it also has a lot of external benefits on your skin. Being that I do love beauty and I’m always trying something new — but I’m also very careful as to what I put on my skin because it’s very sensitive — I found that CBD helps with a lot of inflammation of the skin, as well as cell turnover, and has anti-aging benefits.

“So, one day I did started putting it in my moisturizer before going to sleep, just to see if anything happened. I found that my skin’s texture was great, and I saw some reduction in some of the red spots on my skin. I just started using it every single day, and it really started with my skin health.”

Green Entrepreneur: Can we get a little bit of a tease on when it may be dropping?

Tayshia Adams: “Well… [laughs] I would say spring. Spring 2020, we’re going to have your face looking fresh, how about that?”

Green Entrepreneur: Now that you’re involved in the CBD industry, how do you find unique ways to engage with fans about it on social media?

Tayshia Adams: “I’m just incorporating it in my everyday lifestyle, and I’m just showing people how I do so. It can be as simple as putting it into my coffee first thing in the morning to show how it kind of helps.”

“I also make protein smoothies quite a bit as a meal, and I incorporate some CBD into that. In my yogurt bowls, I use CBD as a snack. I’ve made a chia pudding breakfast before and put my CBD in it. With salads, it’s amazing to use CBD in salad dressing. You can make a fresh salad dressing within two minutes, keep it in the fridge, have a little CBD in there, and there’s your little intake of CBD. It tastes amazing.”

Green Entrepreneur: Lastly, what have you found to be the biggest benefit to regularly using CBD?

Tayshia Adams: “It’s my anxiety and my sleep. I use it daily. But I also think it’s really important to also say that I’ve never really considered myself a person with anxiety. I know that that can be a medical condition that’s way bigger than some realize. But I definitely experience a lot of anxiousness, and CBD really, truly has, helped me.”

‘The Bachelor’s Tayshia Adams Explains How CBD Has Helped Her Deal With The Anxiety Of Fame
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