Mainstreaming the cannabis wellness movement

When The Chronicle launched its cannabis section, GreenState, in March with a special print edition, the response was inspiring.

We received dozens of letters from readers thanking us for our authoritative, unbiased and helpful information for navigating the newly legal world of marijuana — especially medical access for seniors. One reader asked how they could buy copies of the section — in bulk.

For this second special print section, we wanted to expand our focus to demonstrate the breadth of what we’re calling the GreenState of mind. We’ve assembled a package of unique stories that we feel further our mission of providing a fresh look at cannabis.

The loose theme for the the issue is “lifestyle, wellness and food.”

In it, the Chronicle Style section’s Carolyne Zinko sits down with hit the author of “Ganja Yoga,” instructor Dee Dussault, to explore pot use far removed from the bong and couch.

Award-winning food writer Jonathan Kauffman looked into an emerging trend: the cannabis plant — its smells, oils, leaves — showing up in fine dining and drinks. We also scoured dispensary shelves in pursuit of the new, nutrient-rich super-foods that are trending in marijuana edibles.

And we rounded up the leading skin and bath products featuring cannabis ingredients — as we all can use a little pampering.

San Francisco Chronicle reporter David Downs is seen on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016 in San Francisco, Calif.
Russell Yip

San Francisco Chronicle cannabis editor David Downs

This wellness movement in cannabis would not be possible without modern lab testing and products far more precise than a joint. So we explain the micro-dosing trend, including why people are doing it and how to micro-dose yourself. One of the best ways folks are micro-dosing is with cannabis sprays designed for use under the tongue, so we’ve reviewed some of the best sublinguals on the market.

Plus, our advice columnist, Ngaio Bealum, helps an Alameda mom rediscover cannabis, and we have a glossary in the back of the section for reference purposes.
Please keep sending us your questions, comments, story ideas and product pitches. We’re planning two more special print sections this year, and please bookmark and follow, which is in public beta with new content daily.


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