GOP Remove LGBTQ and Marijuana Flags, Defiant Democrat Flies Them Anyway

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Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman says state Republicans removed flags supporting the legalization of marijuana and LGBTQ rights from outside his office at the state capitol. Undeterred, the Democrat called out “the gay flag police” and hung them back up.

According to WGAL, the state Department of General Services said the flags were removed because of a provision passed by the Republican-controlled legislature barring the display of any flag other than the American flag at the capitol. But the 6-foot-9, bald-headed and tattooed lieutenant governor questioned both the timing and the use of state funds for their removal.


“To use state resources during a time of such upheaval to worry about two flags that I have hanging from my balcony seems odd,” Fetterman said.

Earlier this week Fetterman poked the state GOP by using the “How it started… How it’s going” meme in a photo tweet that included the Democrat posing with two thumbs up next to the rehung flags.

Peter Wade