How to Package Your Cannabis Products: A Quick Guide

How to Package Your Cannabis Products: A Quick Guide

Are you looking for a way to make your cannabis products stand out from the competition so that you start increasing your sales?

With yearly sales now exceeding ten billion dollars per year, there seems to be no sign of when the cannabis industry will slow its growth. But within this booming industry, competition is fierce. This is why your product must stand out from the rest.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by choosing the right packaging for your cannabis products. Read on, and we’ll tell you what you need to do to make your cannabis products catch the eye of buyers.

Know the Labeling Requirements Before You Choose Packaging for Your Cannabis Products

Since every state has different laws, you need to know what kind of labeling requirements your state has in place.

Most states require that your product’s label include detailed information about the product. Most states also have rules about the font size, the manufacture information, the ingredients, and testing details.

There are two kinds of labels to include on your cannabis products. There is the primary panel, where you include the product branding, and the information panel, where you include information to educate the buyer about your product.

Things to Keep In Mind When Deciding on Packaging

If you want your product packaging to be as attractive as it can be, make sure you choose packaging that is in line with your company’s branding. You want to tell the customer what you and your brand are about in the most engaging possible way. Your packaging should also be durable, strong, and resealable.

Some consumers want product packaging that makes a bold statement about the products they buy. An example of this is Smoke Focus Floating Jars which you can learn about on the website

Types of Cannabis Packaging That You Should Consider

There are many options for cannabis product packaging. And each type has its strengths and weakness:

Jars and Bottles

The good thing about these is that consumers can see the product through the packaging before they buy it. Jars and bottles are best for leaves and flowers.

Resealable Containers

Resealable containers are great because they’ll protect your cannabis product from getting damaged. Consumers often choose them because they help to preserve their product for long periods of time.

Silicone Jars

People usually use silicone jars to hold cannabis concentrates. This kind of packaging is medical grade, meaning that you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching onto the product inside.

Plastic Vials

These are best for packaging individual products such as cannabis cigarettes. Vials usually have tamper-resistant lids, meaning that consumers don’t need to worry about children getting into them.

The possibilities Are Endless for Cannabis Product Packaging

Choosing the best packaging for your cannabis product depends on what kind of cannabis product you’re selling. If you are selling fresh plant matter, it’s best to choose resealable containers to help preserve the product. If you are selling cannabis concentrates, it’s best to use silicone jars.

In regards to labeling, be sure to check with your States regulations of what you’re required to include on the label. And remember to design your labels in a way that represents your product and brand.

Now that you know how to select great packaging for your cannabis products, why not take action to select the packaging that is right for your brand.



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