Cannabis Cooking Basics with Laurie Wolf: How to make cannabis flour

Fine canna-flour ready for baking. Photo: Bruce Wolf
In the ongoing effort to find ways to get cannabis into food, here’s an idea that makes a ton of sense — canna-flour.

Canna-flour is decarbed cannabis ground to a fine, powder-like consistency that can be easily added to any baking recipe. For best results, substitute no more than one-quarter of the flour in your recipe with cannabis flour so the mixture will retain its doughy texture. My favorite baking mix is 1/2 white flour, 1/4 whole wheat flour, and 1/4 cannabis flour.

There are no rules; experiment to find out what works best in your recipes. Keep in mind that you may be able to taste the cannabis in baked goods that are mildly flavored — a pound cake or sugar cookies, for example — so you may want to add extra vanilla or almond extract. (The canna-flour may also add a slight green tinge to your recipe as well.) Some folks love the taste of cannabis, but I have found that most do not.