Colorado + Compassionate Capitalism: A new age of hemp

“Love how you live.” ~Cindie Sorensen of Zenzen Organics, a practicing Buddhist

Welcome to a new age of hemp and cannabis.

Beautiful hemp grown on ZenZen Organics’ Farm in North Fork Valley in Colorado, the “Champagne, France” of hemp and cannabis.

California, it’s time to take notes from Colorado, the land of activation and actualization. Their hemp scene embodies compassionate capitalism that is focused on people and the Earth over greed and mass-production.

We went through the dark ages, when cannabis was terrorized and constructed as an evil substance that could turn you into a lazy zombie and kill you.

We forgot all about hemp’s usage by our forefathers during America’s early days.

America has a foundation that is literally weaved with hemp. The first American flag was made with hemp fiber, and the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

And now, we look forward to the future, to an age where hemp and cannabis are earning back their reputation, becoming re-appreciated and tapped into for their healing properties.

Science is catching up to the power of these healing plants, and many new studies with positive results help substantiate the profound healing power of cannabis.

There are many companies leading this new age, pushing forth with integrity and concern for the health of the people and Earth first and foremost.

When capitalism’s greedy claws latch into an industry and promote mass-production, bad practices start arising.

These include adding unknown chemicals and fillers into vaporizer pens to bulk up the quantity to unassuming people and packaging things in single use packaging that cannot be repurposed, for the sake of convenience.

These are just some of the malpractices that sacrifice the good of people and Earth.

More than hemp and cannabis, it’s about community and education.

Colorado does this well.

The mountain towns have figured out how to support and sustain small businesses, promoting both community and compassionate practices that focus on people and Earth first over money.

Zenzen Organics embodies these principles. The owner, Cindie Sorensen is a practicing Buddhist who infuses those values into every part of her hemp farm.

Healthy body. Kind speech. Calm mind.


Stephanie Zhu