Marijuana-themed AirBNB tests Washington, D.C. pot laws

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Visitors coming to Washington, D.C. will now be able to enjoy the district’s legal marijuana laws, even though sales remains illegal.

An AirBNB listing by Ashley Stafford includes an experience featuring cannabis products, reports Fox 5 DC.

“Yes — cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja, the devil’s lettuce, whatever you want to call it,” Stafford told Fox.

Stafford’s AirBNB allows guests to consume their own cannabis, or use any products readily available, which includes an exclusive marijuana strain she grows personally.

Despite all the stony experiences listed, Stafford isn’t breaking any laws because no marijuana is actually sold.

D.C.’s Initiative 71 law, signed in November 2014, legalized the possession of minimal amounts of marijuana, while selling it was still considered a crime.

According to Stafford, she sells an experience that comes with cannabis, rather than outright selling pot.

She also believes that her business model gives people a safe area to enjoy marijuana legally, while also giving them an idea to start their own small businesses.

“They can’t access it and smoke it outside on the corner because that’s public consumption. They’re violating the law. They need a space like this. They need to know that they can legally consume,” said Stafford.

The District could soon create their own regulated cannabis market, after Mayor Muriel Bowser recently introduced legislation that would legalize the sale of recreational marijuana.

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