Best Bets: Grenco G Pen Elite vape review

Elitism might have a bad name during these populist times, but there’s one place where you want the top one percent — and that’s your weed vaporizers.

The world’s cannabis flower consumers are trading up to Grenco’s G Pen Elite vaporizer. Released this Spring, and available online worldwide, the flower toasting ultra-portable unit boasts the biggest ceramic oven in one of the smallest flower vape profiles. You just grind up the herb, pull off the mouthpiece, load the chamber, replace the mouthpiece, and turn it on to draw vapor.

The G Pen Elite represents the next evolution in flower vapes designed for life on the go. Los Angeles-based Grenco is a leading name in vaporizers with a years-long record for hits vapes, including their recent Snoop Dogg “Bush” flower pen.

Around since the 70s, vaporizers heat herb instead of burning it, providing pot’s effects without the smoke. They’re beloved by health-conscious tokers and more acceptable to regulators than smoking a joint.

Big ole ceramic chamber for de herb. Courtesy of Grenco
Big ole ceramic chamber for de herb. Courtesy of Grenco

The G Pen Elite is a type of portable convection vaporizer with a quick-heating, all-ceramic chamber and digital controls that allow users to dial in cannabis’ effects like never before. The plant has dozens of active cannabinoids and terpenes, each of which boils at a different temperature. With precision control, patients can experiment with low temperature and explore optimal flavor and effects and potentially less psychoactivity. (This review first appeared on Smell the Truth on

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