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This April 19th marks the 81st Anniversary of chemist Albert Hofmann’s auspicious bicycle ride wherein he experienced the world’s first LSD trip. Bicycle Day was born after Hoffmann accidentally ingested 250 micrograms of the enigmatic substance he first synthesized in a Sandoz Pharmaceutical Laboratory in 1936. 

In the years since then, this curious and extraordinarily powerful molecule has induced countless mystical experiences in people around the globe. Though research into the medical potential of LSD was shut down in the mid-1960s, with an official ban on the use of the substance put into effect in 1968 after governmental concern over the counterculture and anti-war movement’s adoption of the molecule in the “Free Love” era, a resurgence in research and recognition of the potential benefits of LSD has come soaring back into the cultural mainstream. The first Bicycle Day celebration took place in 1985 and has slowly built a cult following of celebrants over the ensuing 40 years, reaching a fever pitch today. 

The FDA recently granted a Breakthrough Therapy designation to a form of LSD developed by Australian biopharmaceutical firm MindMed, establishing a precedent for potential clinical use in the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. As the widespread scientific and cultural acceptance of psychedelics continues to gain momentum, Bicycle Day is following in the footsteps of the 4/20 cannabis community holiday towards an ever-evolving onslaught of hosted and branded events celebrating the increased ability for people to ‘come out of the psychedelic closet’ and rally in support of these enigmatic and long maligned substances. 

As psychedelic fervor returns to the mainstream after a half-century of the egregiously failed Drug War and its collateral damage of stymied research and development into applications of these profound molecules, the cultural moment we now find ourselves in calls for community building and celebration of Albert Hoffman’s ‘Problem Child.’

Here are some of the prominent events celebrating ‘Bicycle Day’ on April 19th across the U.S. and internationally.

Discovery Sessions SF

This highly sought-after underground gathering of psychedelic luminaries from across eras and time zones is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with a star-studded lineup of speakers and presenters covering the intersection of psychedelic science, culture, and business at The Midway in San Francisco on 4/18 & 4/19. Speakers for Discovery Sessions SF 2024 include renowned psychopharmacologist Robin Carhart-Harris, chemist and journalist Hamilton Morris, entheogenic researcher Acacea Lewis, activist and educator Mikaela De La Myco, (and myself), among numerous others. 

“The goal of Discovery Sessions is to foster challenging conversation, share new perspectives on the role of psychedelics in our world, and be a catalyst for change makers and business owners to come together and join forces,” explained Alexa Jesse, marketing director for Discovert Sessions. “By creating a space for open-minded and respectful discussions on this timely topic, Discovery Sessions help build a deeper understanding and appreciation of the potential of psychedelics to inspire, heal, and transform.”

As a graduate of the University of San Francisco who dove headfirst into the psychedelic culture and legacy of the Bay Area almost two decades ago, returning to co-host the VIP party at Discovery Sessions SF feels like a full circle moment personally and professionally. 

PORTAL Presents Bicycle Day 2024 at Meow Wolf Denver

PORTAL is hosting a late-night takeover of the iconic Meow Wolf immersive art venue in Denver. The event will feature a series of world-renowned DJs, magicians, and “roaming performers.”

“We couldn’t be more excited that PORTAL is taking over all of Meow Wolf Denver for a late-night party to celebrate Bicycle Day and psychedelic advancements,” remarked PORTAL founder Brandon Deroche.

“Meow Wolf is already inherently psychedelic, and we’re adding to the absurdity by bringing in artists like RY X and Boreta across several stages throughout the exhibit, magic, sound healing, roaming performers, and more from 10p-2a,” Deroche continued. “It’s the perfect way to set the tone for our forthcoming membership club in Denver.”

National Cannabis Festival, Washington D.C.

Though more explicitly geared towards the cannabis community, as evidenced by the festival name, the National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. kicks off on Bicycle Day. It features a Psychedelic Pavilion curated by the influential and charismatic Oakland Hyphae founder Reggie Harris. Day one will include an entry-level mushroom cultivation class while day two is a mini-conference with noted speakers from across the country presenting.

“I’m really proud to be a part of this because NCF is one of the largest cannabis events in the country and it’s independent and hosted by a Black woman, Caroline Phillips, who is a trailblazer,” Harris said. “At a time when many events aren’t doing as well, National Cannabis Festival is full steam ahead, expecting to bring out over 20,000 people this year—it’s really exciting.”

Celebrated psychedelic activists, educators, and entrepreneurs such as Charlotte James of Psychedelic Liberation Training, Sutton King, Jonathan “Qwest” Brown, and Victor Cabral will contribute their collective genius to the event alongside many others. Thundercat is playing the festival on Bicycle Day as well, rounding out a lineup of legends such as Wu-Tang Clan and Devin the Dude on 4/20.

Breaking Convention, London

Europe’s largest psychedelic conference is throwing a one-day event at London’s Conway Hall on Saturday, April 20th, as they continue their decade-plus-long advocacy and celebration of psychedelic science and culture. 

Breaking Convention: Here and Now Between The History and Future of Psychedelics will be compressed into a shorter window of time than the biannual Breaking Convention conference, which runs for three days, but many of the key stakeholders involved in the impressive Breaking Convention psychedelic community will be present and presenting nonetheless. 

Influential academics, philanthropists, oddballs, and many more will congregate to ponder the unique psychedelic status quo that many in the Breaking Convention community have helped to shape and influence over the last few decades. 

There are surely numerous other events in celebration of the 81st annual Bicycle Day this April 19th as the psychedelic movement continues to gain momentum and attract unprecedented numbers of adherents and contributors. If you’re interested in “Finding The Others” and fostering a psychedelic community in your area, the Global Psychedelic Society is a good place to start. The wider cultural recognition of “Bicycle Day” is very much a rising tide right now, and this year’s slew of slated celebrations promise to be bigger and more influential than ever. 

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Dennis Walker is a satirist and journalist who is primarily known as the founder and host of Mycopreneur Podcast. He writes and produces content for numerous platforms in the cannabis and psychedelic space and loves learning about and participating in cannabis culture around the world.