Ear Bud, Episode 2: Meet the New Face of the Cannabis Industry: Your mom

BIG news: (drumroll please…) GreenState is launching a (pilot) podcast!

From medical marijuana to CBD toothpicks, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to weed. So, we decided it’s high time GreenState had a podcast.

Tune into EarBud to hear our assistant editor Elissa Esher chat with experts in the cannabis world on the medical, recreational, and business sides of cannabis.

This episode is the second of three pilot episodes we are launching to gage interest in EarBud. So, if you like this episode, please share it! We’re counting on you to keep this going.

On this episode, we’re discussing the new face of the cannabis industry: parents.

Since the start of the pandemic, cannabis use has skyrocketed. Apparently, we the people needed a lot of weed to cope with 2020. According to a recent survey, many of those people are parents. A Harris Poll published this December showed 52% of respondents with children under age 18 said they had either begun consuming cannabis or increased their consumption of cannabis this past year.

On this episode, we speak to Judy Yee, CEO and Co-Founder of the cannabis beverage company K-Zen and founder of the cannabis blog Moms for Mary, and Amanda Jones, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the top-selling cannabis brand Kikoko, on the changing face of the cannabis consumer, the stigma surrounding parents using cannabis, and what it looks like to use cannabis to enhance, rather than retreat from, good parenting.

“This is the right moment for parents to ask the questions and to share their positive experiences with cannabis.” – Judy Yee, Founder of Moms for Mary

This podcast was inspired by GreenState’s article “Meet the new face of the cannabis industry: Your mom.”