Fast Five Q&A: Jane Bowyer, Founder of HashFight

fast five jane bowyer

The cannabis learning curve can be steep. With innovation happening at breakneck speeds and a general lack of cohesive education, it may feel impossible to keep up.

Jane Bowyer, also known as “Propane Jane,” is helping to bridge this gap. The cannabis extraction expert cofounded the platform HashFight to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and build community. Offering both in-person and virtual classes and events, as well as a sesh here and there, HashFight is built on an ethos of higher standards for the cannabis space.

Bowyer answered GreenState’s Fast Five questions, discussing her path to a career in concentrates, offering advice to fellow women in weed, and teasing the future of her viral platform.

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GreenState: How did your journey with cannabis start?

Jane Bower: Like many peers, I started consuming cannabis as a teenager. I was always fascinated by the plant and its properties. After a move to Colorado in 2014, I was hired in cultivation at a vertically integrated facility. Post-harvest, I moved to the lab, where I became obsessed with extraction! The passion and learning are still ongoing ten years later!

GS: What is your favorite way to consume? 

JB: Joints, dabs, and currently, high-quality carts!

GS: There’s a steep learning curve in cannabis, especially when it comes to extraction. How does HashFight help educate the masses about the fine art of cannabis concentrates? 

JB: HashFight is a multimedia community that fuses education and entertainment. 

Together, we challenge technology and techniques (in fun ways), providing digestible data for the advancement of our industry.  We utilize our platforms to educate and inform through classes, events, and expert panel discussions for all levels of education!

GS: The world of cannabis, and especially concentrates, is fairly male-dominated. How do you help inspire other women in weed?

JB: If we focus on education as a foundation, gender doesn’t have space to enter the equation. Be humble, teachable, and hard-working—and steer clear of anyone who uses your gender as a qualifier of your capabilities.

GS: What’s on deck for Hash Fight in 2024? 

JB: Our mantra for 2024 is “It’s All Hash.” BHO, distillate, rosin, sift… tinctures, edibles, suppositories – we are united in our pilgrimage for the plant!

Collab! Collab! Collab! We will be releasing data-driven segments with members of the scientific community recognized for their extraordinary work in the plant & entheogenic spaces. 

HashFight is the Official Educational Platform for the Separatore Plasmastatic by SamboCreeck Filtration, so look out for live demos and classes on traditional sift and plasmastatic techniques. We are also hosting a Cart Competition in LA and Crash Courses both in-person in California, Alaska, Vegas, and virtually.

We will also continue our work with ASTM International to fight for the highest standard of solvent safety, from refinery to consumer.

There’s much, much more in the books, so STAY TUNED.

Since 2015, Jane has dedicated her time to learning every aspect of cannabis. Through the manufacturing process and equipment design/assembly to product, talent, and community development, there is nothing that stands in Janes’ pursuit of Higher Standards for our industry!

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