Will pot elect the president? New poll offers insight

pot president election

The 2024 election is starting to heat up—and it turns out pot may impact who ends up as president.

With the majority of Americans in favor of federal marijuana legalization and nearly all states enacting some type of cannabis reform, it makes sense that the plant is a hot-button issue for voters. According to a new poll, cannabis will likely play a major role in the upcoming election cycle.

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The poll, commissioned by the Coalition for Cannabis Scheduling Reform (CCSR) and first reported by Politico, suggests President Biden could gain substantial ground if weed reform were enacted. The survey of potential voters found that Biden’s favorability was positively impacted by the rescheduling review currently taking place.

The survey of around 900 potential voters in perceived battleground states focused on cannabis reform and the current political climate. Respondents were given information about the current rescheduling conversation and engaged in a simulated debate. 

Overall, 58 percent of participants ultimately said they supported moving marijuana to Schedule III. Young voters were even more likely to endorse rescheduling, with 65 percent in favor. 

When asked if President Biden should accept the current recommendation that cannabis be moved to Schedule II, two-thirds of voters said yes. The numbers were extremely high for voters aged 18-25. 84 percent of respondents in this demographic believe Biden should act, with 77 percent “strongly in favor.” The question is likely a moot point, given that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has the ultimate authority on rescheduling. While President Biden may be able to offer his opinion, he ultimately has zero influence over what the DEA decides to do.

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According to the final report, “impressions of Biden improve by a net double-digits—an 11-point swing overall, including a double-digit (+11-point) swing among younger voters.” This suggests that the President’s role in rescheduling has given him a more positive view, particularly among voters between the ages of 18-25—a key demographic for Biden’s re-election campaign. Young voter turnout hit a 50-year high in 2020, showcasing the importance of the demo for politicians.

While the DEA may have the final say on cannabis reform, action could bode well for President Biden come November. According to Washington insiders, the timing of the current review is no coincidence. Regardless of the political cycle, the fact that weed could shape the future of the country shows the importance of the topic for consumers and canna-curious alike.


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