Texas just took another step in weed legalization with this new bill

You’ll be able to legally light up in Texas if this new bill passes. Even better: It’ll help the kids.

State Rep. Jessica González (D-104) filed House Bill 3248 earlier this week, seeking to legalize recreational marijuana use in Texas.

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Under the bill, counties and municipalities would be able to adopt an order or ordinance allowing recreational smoking. HB 3248 would also instate a 10 percent tax on cannabis products, with the majority of that tax going to the Foundation School Fund.

“Sixteen states in America have legalized cannabis and 26 total states have decriminalized the use of cannabis,” González said in a statement. “In a recent study, 54 percent of Texans supported the legalization of recreational cannabis use.

“While Texas has made progress with the Compassionate Use Act, we have been left behind on a potential revenue source that would increase investments in public education, stop the unnecessary arrests for cannabis possession, and create jobs in our state. We should allow our local communities to make the best decision for themselves in regards to cannabis legalization, and HB 3248 would allow that for adults 21 years or older.”

Sixty percent of the tax would go to the Foundation School Fund, while other portions would go toward cannabis regulation, cannabis testing and quality control, and to participating local governments for the purpose of oversight,  González said.

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This isn’t the only marijuana legalization bill that’s been filed. Rep. Joe Moody (D-78) filed House Bill 447 on Nov. 10, 2020, which would allow anyone to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and up to 15 grams of concentrate, Chron’s Jay R. Jordan reported.

HB 447 would also allow anyone to grow up to 15 marijuana plants on their property in Texas as long as the plants were hidden and locked away. The bill was referred to Licensing and Administrative Procedures after being read for the first time on Feb. 25.

But until full legalization, retailers across the state have found a new THC variant to sell: Delta 8. If it keeps gaining popularity, weed legalization in Texas could become a moot point.

Abigail Rosenthal