Leading vape maker hmbldt changes name to dosist

dosist logo
Hmbldt’s new logo: dosist.

California’s new cannabis regulations are already reshaping the industry — and even the biggest, most popular and moneyed brands may not be immune.

Today, the leading disposable vaporizer maker hmbldt announced it is changing its name to dosist, effective Dec. 26.

In a release, Hmldt stated that it is changing names “to further fortify the company’s position, which is based on patented and trademarked dosage-controlled devices. The name dosist™ is from the root dosis: the Greek word for dose, or more precisely, ‘an exact portion prescribed, literally a giving or gift.'”

California state rules for medical and recreational legalization may have spurred the move. According to new regulations, products that reference a place of origin like Humboldt County have to be sourced from that region. When Los Angeles-based hmbldt launched, some critics noted its lack of deep roots in Humboldt County, the nation’s breadbasket of cannabis.

Local Humboldt County farmers are counting on standing out in a crowded market with the coveted “humboldt” appellation, similar to how true champagne can only come from a particular region of France.

Hmbldt’s award-winning dose pens are not changing at all,  but consumers can expect logo changes on products by the beginning of January.

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The hmblt 50 line of dose pens. | Courtesy of hmbldt (dosist)

Keeping the “hmbldt” name may have forced the brand into sourcing all their cannabis oil from Humboldt County, which might not be feasible in the short, medium or long-term.

Gunner Winston, CEO of dosist™ wrote us, “This is about our future. The new name is designed to reflect our values and provide a foundation for growth. We have sourced in Humboldt and envision Humboldt continuing to serve as a supplier in California. As we look to expand outside the state we were not confident we could continue to be compliant with state law, while using the name hmbldt.”

So long, hmbldt, we barely knew you. Hello, dosist!

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