What to do on National Dab Day: Our roundup of 7/10 events, activities, and deals


Even people who don’t use cannabis know about 4/20 celebrations. But did you know there is another day where people celebrate cannabis culture?

Mark your calendars for 7/10 , also known as National Oils and Concentrates Day or National Dab Day.

The number 710 upside down reads “oil” (or, more accurately, oiL). Cannabis oils are used in the extraction process for cannabis concentrates, such as dabs and shatter, which is why 7/10 became a cannabis holiday. Go ahead and rotate your screen, we won’t judge you.

This weekend, for the first time since the pandemic hit, many in-person oil day celebrations are popping up across the US. And if you’re not into celebrating with a bunch of strangers, there are plenty of ways to celebrate 7/10 solo or with a small group of friends, too.

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Here are a few ideas:

Oil Day events

Search for 7/10 events in your area on Google to see if there are any 7/10 events happening near you. If you are willing to travel, there are lots of places that host events to celebrate National Concentrate Day. A lot of dispensaries offer deals or promos in addition to dope experiences.

The 710 Degree Cup event in Arizona is hosting its 6th annual celebration of Dab day. Colorado has a similar event called Kush Masters 710 Celebration, which people enjoy because of the state’s rich selection of cannabis products.

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Other ways to celebrate

If you can’t travel to an event to celebrate, or just don’t want to, there are plenty of ways to, erm, elevate your day, either alone with your favorite bong or with friends.

Here are a few ways to recognize 7/10:

Try a new concentrate

There are so many different types of cannabis concentrates, and each generally has unique effects. Between wax, oil, live resin, and crumble, the holiday is the perfect time to (responsibly) try something new.

Host a concentrates party

Celebrations are more fun with friends and even more fun with cannabis. As long as you’re trying new concentrates, invite some friends over to do it with you. You could even start the party at 7:10 pm.

Here’s a hack: Make the price of admission something to share with the group, so you don’t have to provide all of the products.

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Buy yourself a new accessory or cannabis product

Many dispensaries will have 7/10 deals and specials. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, take advantage of the sales and treat yourself to a new piece of equipment or new cannabis product from your local supplier this holiday.

Make cannabutter

You can find so many delicious recipes online like cookies, brownies, and smoothies to infuse with THC. Check out our guide on how to go through the process of making edibles or cannabutter at home.

This is a fun (and fruitful) activity for celebrating solo or with friends. It’s also a good option for those who want to indulge in cannabis concentrates but might not want to use a bong.


Pro tip: Cannabis product sales increase on Oil Day, so you might want to stock up on your products beforehand to be sure you have everything you need to celebrate appropriately. Enjoy!

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