Rolling Papers vs Cones: Everything You Need To Know

An estimated 12% of American adults said they smoke marijuana, an amount that’ll likely increase as more states permit recreational smoking.

If you’re brand new to marijuana you may not know all of the ways to properly enjoy it.

One example is whether rolling papers vs. cones are better for joints. It all depends on your experience!

Keep reading below to learn the pros and cons of both items, and which you should use.

Rolling Papers vs. Cones: What’s the Difference?

So you’re probably wondering whether you should be using cones or papers?

Rolling papers have been used for decades and they’re popular among serious cannabis users. They’re easy to find in stores or gas stations.

You can also buy rolling papers made of pulp, rice, or hemp to enhance the flavor of your marijuana strain.

The other option is using pre-rolled cones, which make it easy for you to fill and roll a joint if you’ve never done it before.

Cones come in multiple sizes, paper types, and some are even flavored. They’re the perfect product for beginners. Check out a buying guide on cones to learn more.

What To Use for Smoking Weed?

In the debate of pre-rolled cones vs. papers, what’s the best for you to use? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each option.

Rolling papers are going to be a lot cheaper. And, as we stated above, you can find them just about anywhere. People still use them for smoking tobacco.

Serious smokers like control over the size and shape of their joints. Rolling papers allow them to make it really thick, skinny, or long.

The only caveat about rolling papers is that they’re difficult to master. Anyone who’s ever tried using them can testify that it takes a lot of practice to get good and not waste any bud.

Pre-rolled cones are more expensive and harder to find. You’ll have to buy them online or at a smoke shop.

These cones do make it fast and easy to roll a joint, which is helpful if you’re new to the process, or at a party and want to get it done quickly. The major downside of cones is you can’t control the shape of your joint.

General Tips on Rolling a Joint

Here are some tips on rolling a joint that is slow-burning and delicious:

  1. Purchase quality weed
  2. Use a grinder before you pack a joint
  3. Pack the joint tightly
  4. Moisten or “baptize” the joint before smoking
  5. Light your joint evenly

The good news is these tips will help you out regardless of whether you’re using rolling papers or cones.

Ready To Start Smoking Joints?

After reading this article you shouldn’t be intimidated by rolling your own joints again.

Based on your experience and comfort level, you can use old school rolling papers vs. cones. The choice is yours!

Are you new to cannabis culture? Keep reading the rest of our online magazine to learn about the latest marijuana products and trends.






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