Cannabis production can be bad for the environment. Here are some ways to help.


The growth of the cannabis industry has raised concerns over greenhouse gas emissions it causes. This has caused a new movement in environmentalism, calling on cannabis producers and users to reduce waste.

Fortunately, many in the industry have been quick to respond to this problem. Dispensaries and growers alike have come up with multiple ways to make and use cannabis while also reducing its carbon footprint.

Here, we’ve spotlighted a few ways you can reduce waste as a cannabis consumer.

1. Support eco-friendly cannabis companies

One of the best ways to support environmentalism is to support companies that are taking clear steps to reduce waste caused by their products. For instance, many cannabis producers grow their plants sustainably and use reusable or recyclable packaging. Some of them also encourage their customers to recycle or reuse packaging by giving special offers to those who bring back their bags for reuse.

If you can legally do so, growing your own weed in your yard could be a great solution as well. Some of the biggest reasons for cannabis’ environmental impact has to do with the practice of growing it inside a greenhouse. Marijuana grown indoors requires light and heat to be artificially controlled, which uses a lot of energy. Meanwhile, growing cannabis outdoors and at the whims of nature eliminates the need for electricity.

2. Recycle what you can

On a personal level, recycling cannabis packaging can help you reduce your waste. The good news is that cannabis is often sold in recyclable or reusable packaging, so there’s less to do on your end.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether the packaging is or isn’t reusable, you can usually find an answer on the package itself. If you can’t find an answer on the package, the employees at the dispensary should be able to tell you.

3. Consume considerately

In 2003 a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik invented E-Cigarettes, now more commonly known as vape pens. Though originally invented for tobacco, cannabis consumers found ways to smoke marijuana with them.

Vape pens have a few environmental advantages that traditional cigarettes don’t. The biggest one is that they’re rechargeable, so it doesn’t leave behind papers and other trash, nor does it take much power to recharge. However, vape pens are still a somewhat new product, so we don’t know much about their effects on people and there are some serious health concerns connected with them.

Another sustainable (and potentially safer) option is to use edibles. Since edibles aren’t smoked, they usually don’t create extra trash.


If you’re a cannabis user who’s concerned about their environmental impact, there are ways to reduce waste. We’ve discussed a few of them here, but there’s always more we can do on both an individual and corporate level to protect the planet. Nobody can do it all, but if we all chip in where we can, we have the chance to make a difference.

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