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Weekend’s Best: CBD for pets, new insomnia treatments, Spring gardening guide

Spring gardening features prominently in the GreenState Wellness issue March 18.
Spring gardening features prominently in the GreenState Wellness issue March 18.

Good afternoon!

We went and visited some friends with baby goats last weekend. While I was there, I knew we were on the right track with GreenState.

First thing that happened was the host showed me his ankle. He slipped off his shoe and pointed to a white patch affixed to his ankle — a transdermal. He’s trying a THC-A patch from Mary’s Medicinals for a herniated disc in his neck. Cool.

He’s also gotten into high-CBD flower, he says, which has been a revelation. “You know me — cannabis makes me paranoid. But I just take one puff of the CBD and I’m fine.” He made a hand motion of smooth sailing.

All around the Santa Rosa, Calif. property, spring planting was in action. I thought about our spring gardening guide in our print Wellness issue, which hits 210,000 Bay Area driveways Sunday.

Later, our host’s mom got there, and his older brother. His mom used Kiva chocolate and tinctures for sleep. She had questions about traveling with her medication.

The older brother — an engineer — wanted to talk about his extract company. They’re fully licensed and looking for a big exit to investors. He thinks the California cannabis bubble is going to pop.

I showed off my new Pax Era pods. The kids got to bottle-feed baby goats. It was a good Sunday.  — David Downs


The LA 420 Games’ mix of footrace, BMX show, skate contest, yoga, and entertainment at the Santa Monica Pier March 31. Fresh on GreenState’s new curated Events page.

Also, the new, 32-page GreenState Wellness issue, in print March 18 across the Bay Area. Pick up a copy and share with folks looking to learn more about cannabis for sleep, anxiety, pets, plus reviews of trending mints, new books, gardening info, and much more.


Academy Award winner Jordan Peele had a little herbal assistance during the scriptwriting process for “Get Out”, he told guests at the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Via High Times.

Actress Charlize Theron’s new film “Gringo” has shed light on her own relationship to cannabis. She was a pretty regular waker-and-baker until her 30s, and is now into it for a wellness reason:  insomnia. Via E Online.

The analytics agency New Frontier forecasts that full federal cannabis legalization could potentially result in $105.6 billion in federal tax revenue and 1 million new jobs by 2025.


The Canadian cannabis brand Tweed married the worlds of cannabis and high fashion at this year’s Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. “(Cannabis) has the ability to bring people together to build community, and to move it forward. We know that through the exploration of material culture, fashion also has the ability to do this,” says marketing director Amy Wasserman. Via Merry Jane.


Television personality Montel Williams talked to Yahoo Lifestyle about how trading cannabis for opioids changed his life: “That was probably one of the greatest things that happened in my life because that made me understand that I don’t need to take a pill.”


Legal cannabis laws are allowing more and more mainstream Americans to switch away from dangerous addictive drugs for sleep disorders.

We figure most people can’t read a food label, let alone a marijuana label — so we break them down for you.

Another day, another brand gets into the CBD hustle. This week it’s the cannabis lube legends, Foria with “Get Centered”.

A study of 1,200 cancer patients in Israel found cannabis use led to improvements in “nausea and vomiting (91 percent of participants), improved sleep (86 percent), decreased anxiety (84 percent), and pain relief (over 50 percent). Nearly half of respondents reported either decreasing or eliminating their use of opioids during the treatment period.” Via European Journal of Internal Medicine. h/t NORML.


STRAIN: Anyone fumbling to roll their own joints should leave the job to the Seattle-based Saint’s Joints and their top-shelf pre-rolls … EDIBLE: Enjoy a treat made famous by grandmas with packs of granola courtesy of Atlas Edibles … HARDWARE: Restock your vape cartridges with Eden Extracts line of disposables that includes favorites like Gelato and Granddaddy Purple.


Mints by Beboe, Stokes, Vive and Kiva Confections offer something for every experience level.

Mentally prepare for spring gardening with these three cultivation books, reviewed.


You’re long overdue for a trip to Portland. Here’s the one-day whirlwind tour. Plus Portland comedy, Japan influences, and lodgings.

The New Yorker reports from a popular underground marijuana dinner party featuring infused cocktails and Filipino dishes: “As I dragged a forkful of vinegary, fatty pork through the rich sauce, the THC hit me seemingly all at once.”


Veterinarians are barred from discussing cannabis for pets in California, despite a major new trend in giving CBD to animals.

The federal government isn’t coming for senior citizens’ insomnia medication. Attorney General Jeff Sessions re-stated Saturday the Department of Justice’s longtime position of going after big fish.

California’s cannabis czar Lori Ajax issued a cease and desist order to the popular dispensary database Weedmaps to end advertising by unlicensed businesses. “It just undermines the system of regulation that Weedmaps was a proponent for in the first place,” says cannabis attorney Aaron Herzberg.  Via OC Register.


Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter is defending cannabis use on her social media accounts after being shamed for posting weed pictures. “It’s an incredible medical tool,” Jackson tweeted to one of her trolls. Via Yahoo Lifestyle.


The Bay Area’s disruptive tea brand Kikoko pops up in O Magazine.


Legend Steve Buscemi pops up in the super-dry surprise comedy “The Death of Stalin” … Comedian Ricky Gervais observes our current tumultuous state in his new Netflix special, Humanity … Solve your way out of a strange alien landscape with the visually gorgeous puzzle adventure Q.U.B.E. 2.


@julianmajin — Colombian artist Julian Majin merges surrealism with photo-realism to stunning effect. 

@puffco — If Apple designer Jony Ive liked to enjoy hash, we could see him using a Puffco Peak.

@thesativa — A tightly curated feed of cannabis lifestyle shots.

Best wishes for a relaxing, rewarding weekend, david downs + oscar pascual