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Field Guide: H. Hemp Co. CBD balm, Cookies + G-Pen Gio, New Year’s planning

HerbaBuena founder Alicia Rose. (Photo by Mason Trinca)

[Sonoma County’s Alicia Rose, CEO of HerbaBuena | Photo by Mason Trinca]

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While most of the world is beginning to slow down for the holidays, the cannabis world in California is full speed ahead. Recreational stores that anyone 21 and older can enter are getting their licenses each day. We’re tracking locations on a handy map. Business owners are rapidly assembling New Year’s Day party plans, and the chatter I’m hearing is intense. The world is going to wake up to a new dawn on Jan. 1, and the reality of long lines on crisp clear days in California will resonate worldwide.

We’re not slowing down at GreenState, either. Our first Cannabis Awards Issue hit streets Sunday to almost universal praise. If you missed it you can pick it up in the GreenState store, along with the first of two posters timed to the California launch.

We’ve lined up some impactful news pieces on California cultivation trends and cannabis data-mining in Washington, plus more recipes, reviews, podcast episodes and even an interview with science entertainer Bill Nye.

Check out our picks below for some super-last-minute Christmas shopping for your loved ones — or let’s be honest, yourself. We’ll keep the social feeds warm for you over the break, so feel free to dip out of the family gathering and engage with us on Instagram (we just broke 2,000 followers!), Facebook (more new videos!) and Twitter. Happy holidays. — David Downs


The California Cannabis Launch Guide: We’re assembling where to go, what to bring, what to try and how much it costs. All yours on GreenState Thursday, Dec. 28.


It’s never too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day 2018. The folks throwing the CONNECT cannabis dating mixer in Los Angeles certainly are on it. Their singles party is $35 and open to all adults 21 and older, and includes free food and drink — both infused and non-medicated.


If you’re worried about the price of cannabis affecting your bottom line, check out Laurie Wolf’s new recipe for do it yourself cannabis capsules. Via GreenState.

More data points indicate that teen marijuana use declined in states that legalized cannabis. Via GreenState.

And the National Academies of Sciences groundbreaking review of cannabis’ medical research became the NAS’s best-selling study of the year. Via Leafly.


TOPICAL: Turn your family members onto cannabidiol with The H. Hemp Co.’s Magic Soothing Balm, featuring 200 mg of CBD for rubbing into sore hands and necks. . . . EDIBLE: Higher Confection’s award-winning Sea Salted Caramels — because diets are for 2018. . . . .  STRAIN: Zookies — We picked up this incredibly tasty cross of Cookies and a strain that smells like Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum from The Green Cross in San Francisco. . . . Hardware: Speaking of the leading brand, Cookies California has teamed up with leading vape make G-Pen for the last-minute must-have gift of the season — a custom disposable vape pen called the Gio, which comes in Cookies white and blue.


Sonoma County, California’s multi-billion dollar Wine Country is beginning to play with the idea of cannabis commerce, but only at arm’s length. Via GreenState.

Cannabis tech company Tradiv went from a $20M to dissolution this year after its CEO did the hallucinogen LSD and started talking to God. A harassment lawsuit didn’t help. Via Inc. Magazine.

Leading vaporizer maker hmbldt burned through millions of dollars in brand recognition to change its name to “dosist”. New state rules make referencing Humboldt County problematic.


Whoopi Goldberg’s partner in cannabis, Maya Elisabeth, refreshed the look of her award-winning Om Edibles line with help from Purple Line Media.

You can buy our “What’s Legal?” poster explaining the rules of California legalization — now in our online store. Part one of two posters commemorating the implementation of Proposition 64.

For when your feet get cold the Berner Wake and Bake house shoes have arrived.


Vanity Fair helped premier the trailer for a cannabis-fueled fish out of water story called Gringo this week.


Get out your calendar and map. We’re tracking all the places you can buy legal recreational cannabis in California Jan. 1.


California made history by issuing its first state licenses to engage in cannabis commerce. Read our full scoop.


Comedic icon Cheech Marin is appearing in a direct to streaming cannabis cultivation thriller “Dark Harvest”. Oh boy.

A better plotline: how thieves robbed $600,000 from a dispensary on one of San Francisco‘s busiest streets over the course of two hours and carted the good away in a recycling bin.


Chronic Relief by Texas nutritionist Nishi Whitely.


Funk-soul act The Pimps of Joytime gave us top five most cannabis-related songs from their life. Via GreenState’s podcast The Hash.

GreenState hosted a Cannabis Awards 2018 Live chat, where we detailed how all the tough decisions were made and our 2019 plans.


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Dr. Dre‘s seminal rap album ‘The Chronic; turned 25 years-old. Where did the time go? Via USA Today.

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