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Field Guide: Crab & Cannabis, Pax Artist Series, Creativity studied

Pot d'Huile CBD oil
Pot d’Huile CBD oil. Photo: courtesy of Pot d’Huile.

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Today the GreenState Daily Briefing — “the cannabis world’s essential daily brief” — evolves into Field Guide, your weekend guide to the best in cannabis lifestyle.

Over the last decade on the cannabis beat, I’ve witnessed cannabis policy news grow up from pun-filled jokes to a competitive, professional news beat. It’s a beat I helped nurture, and it’s time to keep innovating.

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A new study finds marijuana users are more creative than abstainers, but the difference may not come from marijuana itself. Via PsyPost. “Cannabis users tend to have different personality traits. (They are more open to experience) than non-users.”

California’s work-in-progress cannabis regulations are too loose on certain pesticides, mold and other contaminants, reports Project CBD, a non-profit that promotes and publishes research on the medical uses of the cannabis plant. . . .  “Under the new regulations, a 16-piece chocolate bar would be considered acceptable if four pieces were covered in dirt, four more were covered in mold, and each of the 16 pieces had an insect part or rat poop on it.”

Marijuana molecule cannabidiol (CBD) could be  a cheaper, safer more effective anti-psychotic than regular medications, but large-scale randomized clinical trials are needed, Netherlands researchers report.


The GreenState Cannabis Awards — Get ready for the 215 best products, services and experiences to try in California in 2018, selected without fear or favor. Our first-ever Cannabis Awards debuts online next week and will also appear in the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle Dec. 17th. Subscribe here.


A new study finds a cannabis dispensary can be as profitable as a Starbucks — running at a 12 percent profit margin. Via Press-Herald.

The California Democratic Party — the largest state political party in the U.S. — unanimously passed a resolution Nov. 19 to encourage “counties and cities to cease banning and to enact ordinances regulating the commercial cultivation, manufacture and sale of cannabis.” Via CalDems.

Travel writer Rick Steves travelled to Illinois to continue campaigning for cannabis legalization in the states. Steves fronted Washington’s successful effort to legalize.


Johnny Dep, Tom Wolfe, Phil Bronstein, Gov. Jerry Brown and Ralph Steadman are just a few of the all-star contributors to a new memoir and appreciation book Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson? By Warren Hinckle. The 520-page illustrated collectible book has a launch party in San Francisco Dec. 11.


Ad agency BBDO Toronto won a Canadian government contract to create public service announcements highlighting stoned driving’s dangers. BBDO came up with a three new fake cannabis varieties like “Kourtroom Kush” that will be on display at Canadian dispensaries. . . . “The idea came from the fact that today there’s a strain for anything—chilling on the couch, studying for an exam,” a BBDO spokesperson said. “We decided to create three more that remind you to stay safe.” Via AdWeek.


STRAIN: One of California’s best known indica strains gets a Northwest makeover with Seattle’s own variation of Mendo Breath available at Diego Pellicer. . . . EDIBLE: Facing down an anxiety-filled holiday season? A San Francisco company has a new olive oil that’s infused with cannabidiol (CBD). Pot d’Huile’s latest product is perfect for precision-dosing salads or pasta with cannabis’ calming molecule. . . . VAPE: The world’s leading vaporizer maker has partnered with three artists — Jayde Fish, Casey Grey and Apexer — to engrave their top-selling flower vape, the Pax 3, and their reused oil pen, the Pax Era. Called, of course, the Pax Artist Series.


Northern California cannabis tours aren’t yet ready for primetime, but tour operators are working the kinks out. Via the North Bay Bohemian.

Crab & Cannabis — Fresh off the beginning of Northern California’s dungeness crab season, marijuana events promoter TSO.Sonoma takes to a North Bay vineyard for an afternoon of oysters, champagne, steamed dungeness, and wine pairings. Tickets almost sold out. Message TSO.Sonoma for details.


Time is running out to renew a Congressional rider shielding medical cannabis patients from federal law enforcement. Congress has until Dec. 8 to pass a budget with the so-called “Rohrabacher-Farr” rider. Via Marjuana Moment.

The Open Cannabis Project has opened up with the mission of cataloging all existing strains on the market so that the Monsantos of the world cannot claim they invented them and seek a patent.


A half-clothed 66-year-old woman was handcuffed by Pennsylvania police officers after a property insurance inspector confused her hibiscus plants for marijuana. Via AP.


New Rules: California’s Marijuana Laws Explained by Jeremy Daw — For those trying to grasp the state’s newly implemented cannabis regulations.


Comedy Central’s popular Drunk History series returned with a special Christmas episode featuring Lin Manuel Miranda. . . . Charlize Theron’s female take on John Wick-style action with Atomic Blonde is now available on Blu-Ray and streaming services.


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