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Weekend’s Best: Canndescent pre-rolls rock, Indicas explained, Congress shields patients

Field Guide: Chelsea Handler, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. | Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)
Chelsea Handler is prepping a cannabis brand for end of 2018. | Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Good afternoon!

Have you started your cannabis garden yet? Now’s the crucial time.

Even though another pineapple express is drenching California, you have to get started indoors so you have big healthy juveniles to bring outside when the days get a little longer and warmer.

On Sunday we germinated some “Love Triangle” seeds from Bodhi Seeds and TGA Genetics Galactic Jack” from our own personal seed bank. I still want to round this year out with some of my favorite strain, Blue Dream, so I’m on the lookout for clones.

I ended up getting our Bodhi Seeds from SPARC in San Francisco, and deciding what to grow was tough. I knew we needed an indica hybrid to balance out the sativa hybrid Galactic Jack and a 50-50 hybrid Blue DreamLove Triangle offered an intriguing mix of two strains “Triangle Kush” and “Snow Lotus”.

“Where do these names come from?” people ask.

They’re little stories unto themselves:

Triangle Kush is the best-selling OG Kush, but refined in the Florida panhandle. It’s a core ingredient in Cookies — among the best-selling strains of all time.

Snow Lotus? A cross of the beloved Afgooey and the stalwart Blockhead. You can go down the rabbit hole on what Afgooey and Blockhead are made of. Suffice to say — genes from all over the world, selected and mixed, over and over for decades.

It’s crazy to think these little, tiger-striped brown specks represent the terminus of the Columbian Exchange that started over 500 years ago. It’s globalization incarnate. So get growing. — David Downs


April 20 events are starting to shape up nationwide — from classic celebrations in San Francisco to new iterations. We’re tracking the best on our curated GreenState events list.


Entertainer Chelsea Handler came to San Francisco, so we asked her when her line of cannabis products for females is coming out.

The Wall St. Journal told investors to keep an eye on the trend in “Uptown Stoners“.

Ex-NFL star Ricky Williams launched his own California-based line of medical marijuana products, Real Wellness. Via South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The major pharmaceutical company Novartis AG is partnering with the Peter Thiel-backed medical marijuana company Tilray.


Huffington Post profiles Windy Borman, a filmmaker who never smoked but made the forthcoming documentary, “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed,” which explores the potential for gender parity and social justice in the legal cannabis industry.


Someone involved with Home Depot’s website altered a listing for a garden and kitchen scale to include pictures of cannabis being weighed out. Via Gizmodo.


GQ Magazine explains how to plan a good weed date: “If both parties are habitual smokers, introducing weed into your courtship early on can be nice.” … Meanwhile, celebrated “7 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Relationship”.


STRAIN: Give your energy level a major boost with Canndescent’s clear-headed sativa, Charge 508, available at the Los Angeles Patients and Caregivers Group …  EDIBLE: Enjoy your cannabis in a refreshing zero-calorie sparkling beverage courtesy of Keef Brands  HARDWARE: High Gorgeous’ line of beauty products intends to keep your skin tight and youthful with the help of their THC-infused Nice Buns cellulite treatment.


High-brow cannabis brand Canndescent delivered as advertised with its “calm #112” pre-roll. Here are our tasting notes.


Oregon’s Jupiter Hotel is offering the first legal cannabis hotel package in the state. A reservation includes a munchie kit and an “Everything But The Weed Kit” that includes a vaporizer and discounts to local dispensaries, although no actual marijuana is included.

Here’s how to travel with your preferred insomnia medication, courtesy of our advice column, Ask GreenState.

With San Francisco medical cannabis lounges now open to all adults 21+, is Amsterdam over?


Congress gave Attorney General Jeff Sessions $0 to spend interfering with state medical cannabis laws. The so-called Rohrabacher-Blumenauer rider was re-approved March 21 through September of this year — maintaining a status quo in place since 2014.

California is scrambling to figure out how to legally give away cannabis to the neediest now that new taxes and licensing have kicked in. Via The San Francisco Chronicle.

Voters from Illinois’ largest county overwhelmingly approved a ballot question asking whether the state should legalize marijuana. Cook County (where Chicago is located) contains more residents than 27 U.S. states. Via Forbes.


Federal officials have revoked airport fast-track security clearance for Southern California-based cannabis attorney Aaron Herzberg. “They’re treating me like a criminal,” said Herzberg, who also owns several lawfully run marijuana businesses. Via OC Register.


Iconic medical cannabis activist Dennis Peron got a proper memorial this week. More than 1,000 people attended. Via The Chronicle.

Become a smarter shopper with our guide to “indica” types of cannabis. And our guide to cannabis extracts.


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