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Field Guide: Burn & Baked bootcamp, new StashLogix bags, and surviving The Long Dark

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It’s New Year’s resolution season and we’re keeping to our goals: more dinner parties now that the babies are getting older.

Conversely, some of us have health goals for the year. To that end, there’s a novel event to check out in San Francisco Jan. 28: “Burn & Baked” — a bootcamp style workout accompanied by “Recovery Bags” of paleo breakfast cookies, cannabidiol-infused edibles, topicals and capsules.

The organizers explained to GreenState that the 55-minute, high-intensity workout will be led by Jamel Ramiro, a certified Master Trainer ranked “Toughest Trainer” by Inside Hook Magazine and “Top SF Bootcamp Instructor” by ClassPass. Co-Founder Liz Rudner is a holistic nutritionist with Hashimoto’s and Celiac Disease. Rudner says she healed herself with food and now she helps others. Together, the two have formed “MoonMan’s Mistress” — an artisanal, paleo edibles company with five THC-rich and two CBD-rich options.

“The entire event demonstrates our holistic approach to health and wellness by eating REAL food, moving with intention and using cannabis to help heal and recover,” the duo states in an email exchange with GreenState.

Moonman Mistress founders.
Moonman Mistress founders.

More athletes are using CBD for recovery and injury, they note. “CBD is proven to act as an anti-inflammatory, especially after a demanding workout. … We live this lifestyle and want to break the stigma and share with the world how we use cannabis as responsible, health-conscious individuals.”

After you sweat it out Sunday morning, your Recovery Bag includes paleo (non-medicated) breakfast cookies provided by BellyWell Kitchen; CBD edibles provided by MoonMan’s Mistress; CBD capsules provided by Dirt Ninja Farm and CBD topicals provided by Loki Lotion.

The event is at the Hit Fit gym at 2345 Harrison St. in the Mission District, Jan. 28 at 10 a.m. for $35. Tickets available on Eventbrite.

Tracking other cannabinoid fitness events? Send me tips at And good luck with your resolutions!   — David Downs


More California dispensaries are getting their state licenses to sell adult-use cannabis. Today, it’s The Apothecarium – Marina, in one of San Francisco’s most beautiful neighborhoods. Through Sunday, all Marin County residents get 20 percent off at the store that’s just across the Golden Gate Bridge from Marin, where marijuana retailers remain banned . . . For regular updates on dispensaries getting their licenses: We’re updating our map of retailers every morning.


We estimate 60,000 or so visitors bought around $5 million in cannabis Jan. 1 in California. GreenState’s Jimi Devine took a crack at calculating California’s Day One legal marijuana sales.

Tens of thousands of people with a marijuana conviction on their record could have it automatically expunged, under a proposed state law from Rep. Rob Bonta. Via GreenState.

Dilbert cartoonist and outspoken Trump supporter Scott Adams took to Twitter to tell the President to leave marijuana legalization alone: “I’m gonna turn on this president faster than anyone has ever turned on him.”


Colorado’s leading smell-proof cannabis apparel startup StashLogix has added more outdoors-ready items to their line of lockable cannabis cases. Meet the Dotsero pocket stash, the Telluride shoulder bag / fanny pack and the new LoHi messenger bag. #noskunk


Celebrated actress Kathy Bates joined Snoop Dogg on his internet talk show GGN to talk about her pot dispensary sitcom Disjointed. Via Merry Jane.


GreenState explains how to save a bundle on California cannabis, by obtaining a state medical marijuana ID card. Still got questions? Here’s a FAQ.

Despite new guidelines from the Department of Veterans Affairs that allows VA physicians to discuss using medical marijuana with patients, health providers are still not allowed to refer veterans to state-approved medical marijuana programs. Via NPR.


STRAIN: Spend your rainy days indoors with a classic Northern Lights strain, courtesy of Colorado’s Native Roots dispensary. . . . EDIBLE: Adding CBD to your workout? Medicate while you hydrate with a bottle of CBD Living Water. . . . HARDWARE: Your classic glass bong is getting a severely-needed modern makeover with an electronic Smart Bong created by Puffco.


Despite California’s new legal marijuana laws, the annual Coachella music festival will continue to ban concert goers from using pot. Via Billboard.


Politico posits that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to crackdown on state marijuana programs may force Congress to consider federal legalization: “Sessions … has only galvanized disparate factions in Congress to protect an industry that is expected to generate $2.3 billion in state tax revenue by 2020.”

Just days after Sessions rescinded Obama-era guidance to US Attorneys on marijuana enforcement, two states — New Hampshire and Vermont — stand poised to become the first to legalize cannabis through their legislatures. Via The Chronicle.

The world’s most elite annual cannabis seed market won’t ever be the same. New regulations will radically alter The Emerald Cup’s legendary annual seed bazaar. Via GreenState.


Kansas Rep. Steve Alford (R) claimed black people are genetically predisposed to abusing marijuana. Rep. Alford has since apologized and resigned from two committees. Via SFGate.


For those who easily break their New Year’s resolutions, enter The Easy Cannabis Cookbook: 60+ Medical Marijuana Recipes for Sweet and Savory Edibles, by Cheri Sicard.


Steven Spielberg’s The Post dramatizes the release of the Pentagon Papers, and proves itself as vital cinema in our “Fake News” climate. . . . Comedian Katt Williams returns from relative obscurity with his new Netflix special, Great America.  . . . And we are losing sleep each night to The Long Dark — a punishing, harrowing, independently funded and developed game that pits you against the frozen Canadian wilderness. The goal? Just survive as long as possible. No second chances or re-dos. You die, you start all over.



@Cannalign — It’s online tool helping patients receive real-time data on product information and availability.

@MissGrass_ — A high-end cannabis lifestyle shop geared towards women

@EelRiverOrganics — Humboldt-based cannabis cultivators using environmentally responsible dry farming methods.

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