Dear Ombudsman: ‘Should I cut back on all-day use?’

Ngaio Bealum is GreenState's Ombudsman
Ngaio Bealum is GreenState’s Ombudsman

An ombudsman is defined as “a person who investigates and attempts to resolve complaints and problems.” We figure cannabis could use such a problem solver, and The Ombudsman is Green State’s advice and etiquette column. It’s written by Ngaio Bealum, who edited the West Coast Cannabis newspaper and is arguably the No. 2 weed comedian in America, behind Doug Benson. Bealum is a Sacramento-area father, a go-to host for cannabis events and a veteran world traveler. All of which make him a keen observer of human behavior and a reliable ambassador for grass. In this installment, Bealum tackles self-consciousness and how to cut back on one’s habit. …