A Guide to Delta-8 THC

A Guide to Delta-8 THC

You’ve seen it on billboards, online ads, and posters outside of head shops. Delta-8 THC has gone from virtually non-existent on the market to one of the most prominent cannabis products in a matter of months.

This leaves many wondering what this new form of cannabis is, how it compares to standard THC, and why it’s so popular.

Today, we will explain everything you need to know about Delta-8 THC. After reading this article, you’ll understand what Delta-8 THC is and whether it’s worth purchasing.

What Is Delta-8 THC?

In common usage, when people refer to THC, they are referring to Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as Delta-9 THC. This is the main compound found in marijuana that gets you high, resulting in pain relief, euphoria, sedation, happiness, stress relief, among others.

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as Delta-8 THC, produces a high similar to Delta-9 THC. Although these compounds are similar in their chemical structure, Delta-8 THC produces a weaker, more diluted high.

Is Delta-8 THC Legal in the United States?

Unlike standard cannabis made up of Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC is currently legal in most states. This is because Delta-8 THC can be extracted using hemp.

In the 2018 farm bill, hemp was federally legalized for extraction. Because Delta-8 THC can be extracted using hemp, many jumped on the opportunity to create Delta-8 THC products. Because its effects mimic Delta-9 THC, it was marketed as a legal way to get high.

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9 THC High

Although Delta-8 THC is weaker than Delta-9 THC, many claim it can get you just as high as Delta-9 THC. It is speculated that three hits of Delta-8 THC is equivalent to two hits of Delta-9 THC.

It’s also reported that Delta-8 THC produces a much smoother high. Delta-9 THC is known to make some users anxious or paranoid. However, many Delta-9 THC users report little to no anxiety or paranoia while under the influence of Delta-8 THC.

Where Can You Buy Delta-8 THC?

Soon after the 2018 farm bill was passed, products containing Delta-8 THC hit the shelves of nearly every head shop in the U.S. You can also find Delta-8 THC products in cannabis dispensaries, gas stations, grocery stores, and more.

Buying online is another excellent option as you can typically find better deals and a wider range of products. You can also feel more confident knowing that the products you purchase only contain pure Delta-8 THC. Be sure to research any website selling Delta-8 THC to see how they source and create their products.

Is Delta-8 THC Right for You?

Due to its legality and the similar high produced by standard, Delta-9 THC – Delta-8 THC has quickly filled the shelves of head shops, gas stations, and cannabis dispensaries.

Furthermore, users report a Delta-8 produces a much smoother high that reduces the chance of experiencing anxiety or paranoia. Thus, if you’re prone to these side effects, Delta-8 THC could be the alternative you’ve been looking for!

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