GreenState Cannabis Awards 2018
  • Best Products

    Best Glassblower, Bluegrass Glass

    Humboldt County,

    North of San Francisco in Humboldt County, Bluegrass Glass captured the world’s attention and respect this year with its collection of $2,000 water pipes that channel the vibe of old-school lava lamps. Made by Ari Rom from beautiful rods of colorful, heat and shatter-resistant borosilicate glass, these lamp designs effortlessly unite the two main styles of glass pipes: the so-called “heady” psychedelic look, and minimalist, “scientific” motifs. Bluegrass Glass’ two lamp sizes are some of the most sought-after pieces available to a wide market, yet still very much high-end. Get your hands on a Bluegrass Lamp pre-ordered from high-end glass shops while you can, because prices continue to rise, especially the special-edition colors.

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